Special Report: First Graphene and Australian-owned company Steel Blue are developing graphene-enhanced safety footwear for improved performance, protection and comfort. The end result could revolutionise the safety boot market.

Graphene is one of the world’s strongest materials which, as an additive, can greatly boost the performance of a wide range of materials – from concrete through to batteries, elastomers, fire retardants paints, polymers, and water filtration.

The possibilities are endless.

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In 2019, advanced materials company First Graphene (ASX: FGR) engaged with dozens of potential buyers of its PureGRAPH® range of graphene powders. The company expects this will lead to all-important extended sales agreements in 2020.

The company recently signed a deal with iconic Aussie steel boot manufacturer Steel Blue to make a pair of boots incorporating graphene into the sole and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam inner sole.

The prototype boots have now been manufactured and have successfully undergone extensive testing in accredited labs, covering things like impact resistance, sole crack resistance, tear strength, and water, oil and chemical exposure.
These graphene enhanced ¬boots are currently being ‘wear trialled’ in a variety of working environments.

Steel Blue and First Graphene will now showcase this safety boot at a joint presentation at the Polymers in Footwear event in Berlin on Tuesday 19th November.

“The development work with Steel Blue provides yet another example of how we are collaborating with innovative companies to develop revolutionary new products,” First Graphene managing director Craig McGuckin says.
“Graphene is helping our customers to develop products not seen with traditional technologies.

“PureGRAPH® additives are a key enabler in taking elastomers, composites, coatings and concrete materials to a new level and we will continue to seek out further new applications and markets where graphene can add value.”

Steel Blue Head of Product Innovation, Neil Wright (left) with First Graphene Chief Technology Officer, Dr Andy Goodwin at the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre following a successful project review.
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