Special Report: It has been an exciting calendar year on the ASX for advanced materials producer First Graphene (ASX:FGR) , which is commercialising its PureGRAPH range of graphene powders — here’s an overview of its state of play.

First Graphene is busy commercialising PureGRAPH® — a range of graphene powders. Graphene is one of the world’s strongest materials that can greatly enhance the performance of a wide range of materials, from concrete through to batteries, elastomers, fire retardants paints, polymers and water filtration.

The company’s shares have hit as high as 32c this year, and in its just-released quarterly report, First Graphene showed it had $5.8 million in the bank, so it is well funded to capitalise on forthcoming opportunities.

The September quarter was a busy one for the fledgling company, which raised $5.6 million thanks to the early exercise of options from shareholders, signed several new and improved deals for its products and also greatly enhanced its customer activity across a wide range of sectors.


State of play

With a steady flow of news this calendar year, it can be a little tough to keep up with all of First Graphene’s active opportunities — so we thought we’d provide an overview of all the industries it is involved in, with backlinks where possible.

Energy storage

First Graphene is developing graphene-hybrid materials for energy storage purposes alongside its partner University of Manchester. These new graphene-hybrid materials offer the makers of supercapacitors a new class of high-performance capacitor materials.

Work boots

The company recently signed a deal with iconic Aussie steel boot manufacturer Steel Blue to make a pair of boots incorporating graphene — into the sole and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam inner sole.


newGen, First Graphene’s partner in the mining industry, increased its order of PureGRAPH® products to 3,000kg. newGen is planning to integrate the graphene into piping spools for the lithium industry.

Automotive industry

Its chief technical officer Dr Andy Goodwin spoke earlier this year at the Graphene Automotive 2019 Exhibition and Conference in Detroit. It is an annual gathering where a melting pot of graphene researchers, suppliers and automotive manufacturers meets to discuss graphene-based solutions for the industry.

Mining equipment

newGen and First Graphene have been working together for about a year now. The pair originally struck up a deal to use FGR’s products to strengthen critical mining equipment.


Graphene has applications in electronics, and First Graphene inked a deal to supply graphene to coolant maker FlexeGRAPH. Canberra-based FlexeGRAPH is developing nanotechnology using graphene-enhanced heat transfer fluids, which could do wonders for laptops and batteries.

Fire retardancy

First Graphene has also developed its FireStop™ coating for fire retardancy purposes. It has outperformed other existing fire-retardant products — using thinner coating to reduce material consumption and labour costs during application.

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