Talga is a vertically integrated advanced battery anode material and graphene additives company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2010.

Talga is building a European source of advanced battery anode materials and graphene additives, to offer graphitic products critical to its customers’ innovation and the shift towards a more sustainable world. We now employ 35 technical and professional people from the exploration and discovery of graphite, through mining and processing, to marketing and R&D of new battery materials and graphene additive products.

This vertical integration with 100% ownership of mineral supply, processing and product is designed to provide security of supply for customers and create long-lasting value for our stakeholders.


  • Mark Thompson - Managing Director

    Mr Thompson has over 30 years’ global experience in the mineral industry including resource project development, technology and management. Mr Thompson is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and the Society of Economic Geologists.

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  • Terry Stinson - Non-Executive Chairman

    Mr Stinson has over 35 years’ Executive and non-Executive Director experience, working for global innovation companies across a range of industry segments, along with a proven track record in leading international collaborations and joint ventures working with Yamaha, Honda, Chrysler and others.

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  • Martin Phillips -Chief Operations Officer

    Mr Phillips is an experienced project manager, commercial manager and company director with over 25 years of global metals and mining sector experience. Mr Phillips previously constructed and managed operations and implemented growth strategies for offshore smelting businesses. 



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