Stock Insiders is a podcast series focussed on investing hosted by renowned business journalist Oriel Morrison. 

In this episode Oriel talks to Idan Schmorak, CEO at Crowd Media (ASX:CM8).

Crowd Media is an artificial intelligence company that is leveraging its AI platform for applications in Conversational Commerce.

The company reported a significant $1m improvement on the -$1.05m loss reported in FY21.

FY22 was a continuation of Crowd Media’s business transformation that started in 2019, when the company undertook a major restructure of its technology and vision. A three-year transformation that culminated in the commercialisation of its Talking Head platform in April this year.

To hear more about how Crowd Media is humanising user interaction, plans for a name change, the next steps in the commercialisation process, the ‘big five’ tech licence agreement, big announcements for 2023 and more. 

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