Leveraging over 10 years of development, CM8 has executed on its first-mover advantage for the next generation of Conversational AI.

Artificial intelligence company Crowd Media (ASX:CM8) has unveiled that latest beta edition of flagship ‘Talking Head’ conversational AI platform.

The company recently announced the release of ‘Digital Dom’ – a beta version of its 1-to-1 virtual interactive technology that is based on data collected from over 180 million customer conversations.

Dom is a digital twin of Crowd director Domenic Carosa, which the company developed to showcase how its proprietary technology works in-market.

‘Digital Dom’ is able to communicate using 100 per cent synthetic/digital commentary, which means every comment is computer-generated.

Accompanying its announcement, Crowd also released a video to YouTube which demonstrates the unique capabilities of its proprietary AI-based technology. 

Talking Head

The tech platform reflects Crowd’s ability to leverage its own intellectual property generated from 10+ years of development in conversational AI, along with that of its key partners.

Crowd’s Talking Head was developed in conjunction with commercial partner (and investee company) Uneeq Ltd which has also released a ‘digital twin’ of its own – a likeness of New Zealand rugby legend Sir John Kirwan.

Another of CM8’s investee companies, the UK-based Forever Holdings, has also deployed the technology as part of a SaaS-based licensing deal with the recent release of “In The Room With Nile Rodgers”.

Targeted at music lovers, the project was delivered “in association with Universal Music, the National Portrait Gallery, and Abbey Road Studios and has already started to generate revenues”, CM8 said.

The developments in CM8’s own technology as well as that of its investee companies is strong evidence of its first-mover advantage in the global market for conversational commerce.

As a measure of how that advantage is playing out in real time, over the past 12 months around 65 per cent of all questions on Crowd’s interactive customer engagement platform have been answered using artificial intelligence.

The remaining 35 per cent were answered by human customer service representatives, and their individual responses complement CM8’s data pool, leveraging to enhance the capabilities of its Q&A chatbot technology.

Across all of its conversational AI initiatives, Crowd chairman Steven Schapera said the business is now positioned to “integrate our Investee Partner’s tech with Crowd’s Q&A tech so that it becomes a conversational commerce platform”.

“Although it might look fake today, by the end of next year it will appear very real indeed,” he added.

As soon as 2022, Crowd’s technology will be deployed as a platform for consumers to engage with virtual celebrities.

As Schapera describes it: “Imagine talking with a virtual Lewis Hamilton, or having a virtual Jamie Oliver chat with you about a recipe!”

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