Crowd Media secures crucial mobile network approvals in three key markets to mass distribute its AI-powered Talking Head tech for entertainment applications.

Artificial intelligence company Crowd Media (ASX:CM8) has secured mobile network approvals to distribute its Talking Head technology for entertainment applications in the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

CM8 said the network approvals were granted by T-Mobile and KPN in The Netherlands, Vodafone in Portugal, and Etisalat in UAE.

Crowd will deploy the AI-based product through its subscription division which provides affiliate networks, media buyers and publishers with apps, games, mobile entertainment, and education services.

Sweet dreams, kids

The first telco value added products integrating Crowd Media’s Talking Head technology will be entertainment applications Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP.

Bedtime Stories converts children’s books into audio-visual elements where a user is read the story by a digital avatar generated by Crowd Media’s Talking Head platform.

When selecting a book for listening to, users can choose between different AI-generated avatars as their storyteller, which will read the book as text is displayed to help children improve their reading skills.

What’s your astrology readings telling you?

The other initial offering, Astrology VIP,  is an application that delivers daily updates according to information entered by the user, who can also use voice commands to interact with the app.

A digital avatar – named Astra – then offers a variety of astrology readings that include horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes, tarot cards, numerology, dream interpretation and planetary alignments.

Access on any device

Both products are browser-based applications that can be accessed on any computer or smart device users log in with, using their phone number, without the need to download any other software.

Bedtime Stories will launch in Portugal and the UAE in the coming weeks with stories currently being localised into Portuguese and Arabic, while Astrology VIP is undergoing localisation into Dutch to be launched in The Netherlands.

Revenue will be generated by CM8 Subscription division as users access Bedtime Stories through a weekly subscription starting from €4.00 per week and Astrology VIP from €2.50 per week.

CM8 has entered into revenue-sharing agreements with the individual mobile networks whereby it will retain up to 80% of revenue generated from subscriptions.

First revenue generation from Talking Heads

On-time delivery of Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP marks the first B2B2C revenue generation from the Talking Head platform, in line with CM8’s roadmap update released in April 2022.

The launches are made possible by improvements in digital avatar functionality as part of CM8’s plans to commercialise more subscription-based products before the end of CY 2022 that also integrate the Talking Head tech.

CM8 recently struck a deal with Israeli tech pioneers SourceFlare to integrate the Talking Head tech into its marketing platform.

CEO, Idan Schmorak said distribution approvals of Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP marks the successful integration of Talking Head technology into its subscription line of products.

“Both entertainment products showcase the capabilities of our platform’s ability to convert text to audio-visual, while interacting with users in multiple languages which provides opportunities to upscale the products into new markets,” he said.

“Reaching this roadmap milestone by integrating the technology into subscription-based applications, Crowd has opened new revenue channels that leverage our conversational AI, digital avatar and synthetic media technology.”

If you’re keen to see how the whole thing works, there’s A Bedtime Stories production demonstration video available here.


This article was developed in collaboration with Crowd Media, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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