Stock analysis veteran and lover of the resources game, Peter Strachan, is back for another instalment of the Rock Yarns podcast. 

In this episode Peter chats to Tim Harris, managing director and CEO at Redflow (ASX:RFX).

Redflow is an Australian company that produces zinc-bromine flow batteries for stationary energy storage applications. Redflow batteries are designed for high cycle-rate, long time-base energy storage, and are scalable from small commercial systems through to grid-scale deployments.

Redflow’s smart, self-protecting batteries offer unique advantages including secure remote management, 100 per cent daily depth of discharge, tolerance of high ambient temperatures, a simple recycling path, no propensity for thermal runaway and sustained energy delivery throughout their operating life.

Peter recently covered the significance of flow batteries and the role that companies like RedFlow plays in the journey to a decarbonised world. 

Tune in to hear Peter and Tim discuss the company’s long duration energy storage solution and more.     

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