Governments around the world seem to be pondering the same question on energy – ‘where will our future supply come from?’

It’s a big thought, and one that’s grown as geopolitical tensions and ideological differences fracture long-held status quos.

The economic shunning of historically reliable Russian gas supply has put Europe in the midst of a full-blown crisis, with energy prices hitting all-time highs in 2022.

It’s prompted moves by the EU to lock down a more diverse and secure supply mix. Once-maligned nuclear is back on the agenda, while renewables, hydrogen and gas in friendlier jurisdictions offer immense and immediate relief with longer term supply potential to boot.

Across the pond, around 14% of uranium and 28% of enrichment services were sourced by the US from Russia in 2021. Unfathomable numbers, leading the current administration to invest heavily – we’re talking multiple billions – in the re-establishment of a local industry and creation of a uranium reserve to contribute to the nation’s future energy mix alongside other sources.

We’re not immune here. Australia’s east coast is battling supply shortages and high prices of its own.

While this places pressure on households, it also creates a window for domestic projects to come online in quick time and help meet demand. The bigger conversations around future energy mix will no doubt play out in the months to come.

Right now the only global energy certainty seems to be uncertainty. But with that comes opportunity for a new generation of companies bridging the immediate global energy gap and paving the path for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

A number of these prospective plays are ASX-listed, and emerging in a world increasingly hungry for what they have to offer.

In this guide you’ll find profiles on some of the ASX’s most prospective energy plays, expert analysis and insight and even a few tips on who to watch into 2023 and beyond.

It’s the latest in Stockhead’s series of guides crafted with a view to educating readers about some of the most exciting sectors on the ASX.

Power on and check it out.

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