Special Report: ASX-listed software marketplace AppsVillage is still ticking off milestones at a regular pace since launching JARVIS, the AI-powered marketing manager for SMBs.

AppsVillage (ASX:APV) launched JARVIS on 18 June, an automation and management solution for Facebook advertising campaigns which the company says is akin to “having a professional advertising campaign manager working for you.”

In addition to removing the need for a potentially expensive campaign manager, AppsVillage says JARVIS’s performance is at least on par with the most experienced campaign managers, and according to its data, is more effective as well.

With just over three months of sales data to crunch, AppsVillage has broken out the statistics to show just how well JARVIS has performed since launch.

Since June, a total of 2550 advertising campaigns have been placed through JARVIS. One of the key highlights was that new leads as “Interested Customers” exploded by 300 percent via Facebook Messenger compared to the standard approach.

JARVIS has also helped customers cut down their costs; cost-per-lead was reduced by nearly 50 percent down to $3.8. As a result, small businesses increased the total number of Facebook ads by 30 percent in the past month alone.

AppsVillage CEO Max Bluvband said early results demonstrated the effectiveness of JARVIS as a high-performing sales and marketing tool for SMBs globally, and put the company on track to produce improved levels of customer retention and profitability.

“The introduction of JARVIS into our platform has had a significant impact on the number of ads SMBs are creating, but more importantly, SMBs are seeing substantially higher levels of customer engagement,” said Bluvband.

He noted that JARVIS has been particularly popular among customers in shopping, retail and beauty, and cosmetics, with the US, UK, Canadian and Australian markets showing the highest effectiveness rates and doubling the number of monthly ads.

This article was developed in collaboration with AppsVillage, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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