Special Report: A successful case study with social media giant Facebook has proven AppsVillage and its JARVIS platform are excellent tools for SMBs looking to increase reach and lead conversion rates in their advertising.

AppsVillage (ASX:APV) successfully increased ad recall by 6.7 points through broad targeting and dynamic ads on Facebook according to a new case study.

The study saw AppsVillage tested by Facebook global analysts and marketers and return a 5.8 point higher campaign awareness and 1.5 point higher familiarity for its small and medium business clients. Over 14 million people in the US were reached during the campaign.

Delivering outcomes for SMBs

Founder and CEO Max Bluvband said AppsVillage was thrilled with the results of the study and the support of Facebook.

“We undertook a wide range of testing to ensure our AI-based platform performed exceptionally well to add significant value and deliver clear results for SMBs’ online promotions. This is when we began testing with Facebook,” said Bluvband.

“The results that AppsVillage has delivered to date have been exemplary and I am delighted that AppsVillage and JARVIS are being recognised by Facebook as a way to increase reach and lead conversion rates for SMBs.”

The data from Facebook supports previous testing by AppsVillage which saw its JARVIS platform deliver a 300% increase in new business leads for SMBs.

From strength to strength with JARVIS

The JARVIS app, which launched in June 2020, operates as a campaign manager for SMBs across several platforms, including Facebook, and has seen a significant increase in use since its inception.

At the end of 2020, AppsVillage announced a number of big partnerships to expand its SaaS offering, including with video platform TikTok and Google Ads. The company saw its share price skyrocket following the agreements, hitting a peak of 23c.

AppsVillage also recently integrated JARVIS with AdRabbit, incorporating its digital advertising and marketing capabilities into the AI-based JARVIS advertising engine, creating a one stop shop for SMBs.

This article was developed in collaboration with AppsVillage, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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