ROOTS’ securing protection for its intellectual property in Canada opens a broader addressable market in one of the most sophisticated greenhouse and temperature-controlled agriculture industries globally.

The Canadian Patent office has granted Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX: ROO) a design patent for its Heat Exchange probe technology.

In accordance with approval of patent No.209610, the tech will be designated in Canada as Adapter for Pipe Joints.

The patent approval represents an important development for the intellectual property (IP) protection of ROO’s technology in the Canadian market.

Due to its climate, greenhouse operations play a major role in Canada’s agricultural sector.

The Canadian greenhouse agricultural market consists of more than 2,000 vegetable/mushroom producers and cannabis greenhouse operations, with a total greenhouse area of more than 33.2 million km2.

ROO said the Canada patent strengthens its position for what is a major addressable market opportunity.

Granting of the latest patent builds on ROO’s strong IP foundation to further commercialise its Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) program internationally in the face of increased aridity and adverse weather events.

For greenhouse operations, ROO’s Heat Exchange probe offers several advantages such as increased yield, early maturity and energy savings for air heating and cooling.

Separate US patent application

In addition to the patent approval in Canada, ROO has filed another IP application with the United States patent office, in line with a strategy to broaden its patent portfolio in the US market.

The provisional patent application encompasses irrigation-by-condensation – a long-standing ROO technology now in the early commercialisation stage. Product upgrades including rain collection and a drip irrigation option.

The newly filed patent offers a system and method to produce irrigation water from the humidity in the air, augmented with an ability to capture rainwater and metered and timely distribution of both sources of water from the air to designated plants.

ROO lodged two separate patent applications with the United States patent office in 2022 and plans to file a comprehensive PCT patent in coming months.

Expanding international sales

Roots recently expanded the global market footprint for its root zone cooling ( and heating) technology with the first sale of its Mini-Roots system in the Philippines.

The US$6,500 purchase order was made by an agriculture business which will deploy the technology for the root zone cooling of strawberries.

The sale was procured through the first Philippines-based ROOTS dealer and sets an important precedent for the application of the company’s technology in the country.

The Philippines is a target market for ROO with the country experiencing extreme tropical weather events and excessive heatwaves.

Global sales strategy backed by strong IP portfolio

Inventor of the Irrigation by condensation system and Roots CEO Boaz Wachtel said the developments mark a continuation of its strategy to pursue a global sales network backed by a strong IP portfolio in key markets.

“Our new patent in Canada is an important validation of the company’s technology in a key market, with extensive greenhouse agricultural networks that are ideally suited to ROO’s IDC technology,” he said.

“Additionally, the US patent application reflects the ongoing strength of Roots’ R&D program, with expanded rain collection and drip irrigation functionality added to the core technology offering.

“Lastly, we are pleased to confirm the first sale of ROOTS products in the Philippines – a key market with unpredictable weather events where Roots’ technology can directly assist with improved agricultural production. “

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