• Roots delivers equipment for its root zone cooling technology for UAE customer
  • Tech to be installed at Silal greenhouse ahead of COP28 in Dubai later this month
  • Project advancement opens a significant addressable market opportunity for Roots in UAE


Special Report: Israeli-based Roots has delivered equipment required for its root zone cooling technology for United Arab Emirates (UAE) customer Silal Food & Technology LLC despite what it terms “difficult conditions on the ground in Israel”. 

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) announced in early October it had secured a $288,266 purchase order with one of the largest agri-food businesses in the Middle East, Silal, for two zone cooling projects for berry farming operations in the UAE.

Established in 2020, Silal is a division of the Abu Dhabi Development Holding Company, one of the region’s largest conglomerates.

The company has a mandate to facilitate growth and investment for agri-food sectors and farming operations to diversify sources of food supply for UAE jurisdictions.

ROO says design of the technology allowed for the equipment parts to be assembled and shipped via air freight and then installed in the UAE.

On-ground installation is now scheduled to start this week at Silal’s berry farming operations.

ROO says its “capacity to accelerate the completion of shipping in difficult circumstances” will provide time for the technology to be installed in the Silal greenhouse ahead of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Cop 28 will be held at Expo City, Dubai from November 30 until December 12, 2023, with ROO’s patented root zone cooling system on display for conference delegates as part of Silal’s showcasing its berry farming operations.


Third project in UAE

ROO is developing and commercialising cutting-edge tech to address critical problems faced by agriculture today, including management of plant’s root zone temperatures and the shortage of water for irrigation.

By optimising and stabilising root zone temperatures ROO’s tech can significantly increase yields, increase growing cycle planting options, improve quality, and mitigate extreme heat and cold  stress  while  significantly  reducing  energy  consumption.

The latest air shipment marks the third project installation for ROO’s technology in the UAE, further establishing its market position in an important jurisdiction.

Along with providing consistent revenues for ROO the commercial partnership also offers a roadmap for further sales to both Silal and other potential customers in the region.

CEO Boaz Wachtel says ROO is pleased to complete implementation of its equipment in difficult conditions.

“This was achieved by the hard work of our team in strong cooperation with representatives of Silal, who shared our goal to complete the installation as quickly as possible following the purchase order in October,” Wachtel says.

“With the installation of the Root Zone equipment at Silal’s farming operations now ready to commence, we look forward to working towards additional long-term commercial arrangements for the application of Roots’ technology to achieve better farming solutions in the UAE.”

Arid, dry, and humid at the same time, the UAE along with the rest of the Arabian Peninsula have long needed to import food stock from other countries with Wachtel saying it is one of the most climate-vulnerable economies in the world.

He says the ROO system on display at COP28 will demonstrate its capacity to improve food production security as well as crop’s yield and quality enhancement under the harsh and arid climate of the UAE and Gulf region.”


This article was developed in collaboration with Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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