• ROOTS enters distribution Collaboration with Orbia’s precision agriculture business Netafim
  • Collaboration follows successful trials with Netafirm on growth of berries across two countries
  • Netafirm is largest irrigation company globally and a prominent leader in precision agriculture solutions


Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies has entered a distribution collaboration with the global leader of sustainable precision irrigation solutions and agricultural projects.

Orbia’s precision agriculture business Netafim will make available the Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) root zone heating and cooling products across its global distribution and dealership network.

ROO’s products primarily serve high value crops such as berries and cannabis with its cutting-edge technologies for plant climate management enabling farmers to control the root zone environment of their crops by optimising the temperature of plant roots.

Roots’ products bring multiple benefits for farmers including significantly increasing yield and crop quality, minimizing energy and water consumption, and mitigating extreme heat and cold stress.


Collaboration follows successful trials

The collaboration follows successful trials with Netafim on growth of berries across two countries over the last few years, resulting in earlier maturity of the fruit, higher yield, and increased size of the fruit.

Orbia’s precision agriculture division Netafirm is the largest irrigation company globally and a prominent leader in precision agriculture solutions. Established in 1965, the company played a pioneering role in drip irrigation.

Today, Netafim specialises in comprehensive solutions spanning from the water source to the plant’s root zone.

The company executes a wide range of projects, including irrigation and greenhouse initiatives, as well as landscape and mining irrigation solutions with their offerings bolstered by expert engineering, project management, and financing services.

Furthermore, Netafim is at the forefront of digital farming, revolutionising irrigation, and fertigation by seamlessly integrating real-time monitoring, analysis, and automated control into a cutting-edge system.

The company has 33 subsidiaries, 19 manufacturing facilities, two recycling plants, and a global workforce of more than 5,000 employees.

Netafim’s tailor-made irrigation and fertigation solutions have a profound impact on millions of farmers worldwide, benefiting smallholders to large-scale agricultural producers.

ROO CEO and chairman Boaz Wachtel says the agreement marks a major milestone as it gains validation from a global agricultural leader.

“The ability to leverage Netafim’s extensive distribution network spanning over 100 countries will significantly increase visibility and accessibility of our products, propelling our company to the next level,” he says.

ROO earlier this month announced it had nabbed a A$288,266 purchase order for two root zone cooling projects in the UAE which it says underpin its strong momentum in the region.



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