Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. (ASX: ROO) is developing and commercialsing technologies to help address critical problems faced by agriculture industry today, such as plant climate management and the shortage of water for irrigation.

The company has developed proprietary know-how and patents to optimise performance, lower installation costs, and reduce energy consumption to a minimum — all in order to bring maximum benefit to farmers. For example, its patented Root Zone Temperature Optimisation Technology (RZTO) system is able to heat or cool crop roots as needed in one system, mitigating against temperature fluctuations, which is critical in regions where daily and seasonal temperatures can vary significantly.

Roots was established in 2012 and is now active in six jurisdictions, with operations in China, Australia, and its home in Israel, in addition to USA, South Korea and Spain.


  • Dr Sharon Devir, CEO & Co-Founder

    Dr Sharon Devir was the former CEO of NGT, a technology incubator whose portfolio company Flourinex was acquired by Colgate for US$100 million. He has lectured at the Hebrew University, Israel in the Faculty of Agriculture. He holds a PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences from Waginingen University in the Netherlands.

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  • Boaz Wachtel, Executive Director & Co-Founder

    Boaz Wachtel is the inventor of Roots’ core technologies – irrigation by condensation and root zone heating and cooling. He is a former assistant army attache to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, and has lectured at the UN Conflict Resolution Conference. He co-founded two ASX listed medicinal cannabis, MMJ Phytotech Limited and Creso Pharma Limited.

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