• A report by ResourcesWA was commissioned by Frontier Energy to gain a better understanding of new large-scale developments on the SWIS, WA’s major electricity network
  • It found Bristol Springs as the only project of its size with access to the SWIS network in the short-to-medium term
  • Significant opportunity for Frontier to benefit from higher power prices felt by Australians


A report has highlighted Frontier Energy’s Bristol Springs as the only project of its size (868 hectares) that can access WA’s electricity network in the short to medium term, putting the company in a unique opportunity to capitalise as energy prices rise.

Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) is developing its Bristol Springs renewable energy and green hydrogen project 120km from Perth in WA.

A definitive feasibility study – an advanced economic study – completed earlier this year outlined the project’s potential to be both an early mover and one of the lowest cost green hydrogen assets in Australia benefiting from its unique location surrounded by major infrastructure.

In September, FHE signed a letter of intent to acquire Waroona Energy, which has a namesake project adjacent to Frontier’s Bristol Springs renewable energy project in WA.

The projects share the benefits of nearby infrastructure – including secured connections to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) – for green hydrogen production and supply.

Combined, FHE’s 114MW Stage One solar generation capacity and Waroona’s 241MW solar capacity provides a potential 355MW of renewable solar power generation, with development approvals already in place.


Frontier Energy ASX FHE
Artist impression of the solar facility and peaking plant on Waroona’s Landholding. Pic via Frontier Energy


Bristol Springs’ strategic advantage

FHE engaged independent specialist energy and resources consultancy, ResourcesWA, to undertake an assessment of WA’s major electricity network, the SWIS.

The report focused on evaluating potential capacity for large-scale connections at existing substations and terminals across the 330kV and 220kV transmission network from now until 2032 to provide FHE with a better understanding of new large-scale developments on the SWIS.

The report concluded that “there are no other opportunities that exist on the SWIS for the development of a connected generator of the scale of the Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project in the short or medium term.”


Frontier Energy ASX FHE
SWIS 330kV – 220kV network and regions. Pic via Frontier Energy Resources


The report found that one of the main reasons for this is the fact that until 2030, only Landwehr Terminal (where the Bristol Springs is located) can readily accommodate new, large-scale renewable connections of 250MW or greater.

Several Behind the Meter connections will be developed by industry whilst smaller scale renewable operations and large-scale battery storage is expected to be developed in conjunction with existing generators at selected substations and terminals.


Next few months ‘the most significant in the company’s history’

“While we always believed the Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project was the best undeveloped renewable energy project in WA, we did not appreciate that it is the only project of its size that can access the SWIS network in the short to medium term,” FHE managing director Sam Lee Mohan says.

“This again highlights what a unique opportunity the company has with the project, as well as the growing importance of the project to the State, at a time when energy prices are continuing to rise, and energy security is becoming more important than ever.

“The next few months are shaping up as the most significant in the company’s history with multiple major events on the horizon.”

FHE plans to complete the acquisition of Waroona Energy Inc in December 2023, which will be followed by a DFS for Waroona’s Stage One Solar development (120MW) as well as the Peaking Plant Study expected to be released in the first quarter of 2024.



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