Pre-certification by Hydrogen Australia, a division of the Smart Energy Council, gives assurance to stakeholders that the production process at the facility can deliver zero-carbon hydrogen.

With pre-certification processes due to wrap up by the second quarter of 2023, Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) says the verification will provide an assessment of any and all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and storage of the renewable hydrogen at the facility.

This will include an assessment and confirmation that 100% renewable electricity, is being used to make the renewable hydrogen at the facility, corresponding to the requirements for renewable energy under the Renewable Energy Target – as legislated by the Australian Federal Government.

Critical piece of the puzzle

FHE managing director Sam Lee Mohan says the company prides itself on being a first mover and the Zero Carbon pre-certification assessment will be a critical piece of the puzzle in moving this project forward.

“To have this certification in place from a world leader in Zero Carbon certification, the Smart Energy Council, will give our partners, shareholders and prospective green hydrogen customers confidence that our project will be 100% clean and made from 100% renewable energy.”

Zero Carbon Certification

The Smart Energy Council launched its Zero Carbon Certification Scheme back in December 2020.

It is an industry-led, ‘Guarantee of Origin’ style scheme, which promotes the uptake and distribution of renewable hydrogen products and their derivatives in Australia and overseas.

The scheme, which will be delivered through the Smart Energy Council’s Hydrogen Australia division, will assess the embedded carbon in participating hydrogen, ammonia and metals produced within Australia.

John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council says it is absolutely critical that hydrogen projects are certified to prevent greenwashing.

“By awarding certification to projects that do the right thing, we can build a credible new industry based on transparency and set Australia up as a renewable hydrogen superpower.”




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