• Landmark green hydrogen refuelling station slated for West Perth
  • Frontier Energy to be a major player in Western Australia’s plans to grow domestic hydrogen production
  • The City of Perth is open to more refuelling stations if demand continues to surge, as is forecast


Special report: Frontier Energy is set to develop Western Australia’s first publicly available green hydrogen refuelling station on City of Perth-owned land.

An in-principle agreement has been reached between Frontier Energy (ASX: FHE) and the City of Perth to locate a green hydrogen refuelling station at a “convenient and accessible” site on Thomas Street in West Perth.

Known as the home base for many junior resources companies, West Perth is just 2km from the Perth CBD and serves as the key access point for both the Mitchell and Kwinana freeways which connect the city’s northern and southern suburbs respectively.

There are currently no publicly accessible green hydrogen refuelling stations for the fledgling fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) fleet that exists in WA.

However, this is set to change with the incumbent State Labor Government seeking to introduce domestically-produced green hydrogen in a bid to reduce its longstanding reliance on diesel.

At last count, WA imports about 7.8 billion litres of diesel per year, equivalent to 2 billion kilograms of hydrogen.


Frontier Energy ASX FHE
Map of refuelling station location and surrounding infrastructure. Pic via FHE


Major market emerging in long haul transport

Hydrogen-powered vehicles have proven fast refuelling times and an ability to travel longer distances carrying larger loads.

FHE managing director Sam Lee Mohan said the displacement of diesel fuel sources, especially in the long haulage industry, had emerged as a major market for hydrogen producers and developers.

“Critical to the development of this industry is not only the development of the green hydrogen product, but also the development of critical associated infrastructure such as refuelling stations,” he said.

“This initiative aligns with FHE’s long-term ambition to become a vertically integrated producer across the renewable energy sector, including green hydrogen.”


More stations needed to fuel hydrogen growth pipeline

City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas welcomes the partnership with FHE, which is unlikely to be limited to the one refuelling station.

“Hydrogen-fuelled cars are predicted to grow in popularity over the coming years so having a city-based refuelling station forms an important part of our sustainability plan,” Zempilas said.

“FHE is working to become one of the first companies in Australia to produce green hydrogen commercially and will be an important partner for the city as we strive to create a healthy city where environmental, social and economic systems are in balance.”

Development of the West Perth refuelling station remains subject to final approvals and a final investment decision by FHE.

It is envisaged several green hydrogen refuelling stations will be rolled out alongside major transport routes in Perth and WA more broadly, with FHE looking to provide supply from its Bristol Springs renewable energy project in the long term.

FHE continues to engage with major vehicle manufacturers about its proposed development strategy for these refuelling stations.


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