Truth Labs, the web3 company behind the bizarrely amusing NFT collection Goblintown, is planning a ‘Season 2’ mint for a new collection it’s dubbed Big Inc.

And if you’re a particularly crappy crypto trader/investor and you want in, then you’re in luck, because Truth Labs wants to push you towards the front of its “whitelist” queue for the chance to mint NFTs in its new series.

“Empty bags? Emptier soul?” reads the Big Inc website.

“BiG iNC is looking for individuals who are sad, down bad and have no choice in life but to accept the only offer available. This probably sounds like you, right? That’s what we thought. Join BiG iNC and dedicate the rest of your life to the supply chain, at least your labor won’t be put to waste.”


It just so happens that this Coinhead author, who, for sh*ts and giggles, bought a Goblintown NFT last year and is “down bad” on that investment, currently qualifies for the mint as the 2,257th worst investor in all of crypto. Or something like that.

“Just imagine how much money you could have made if you were better at this”, Big Inc tells me. Indeed.

In any case, here’s the Goblintown promo (of sorts), for the Big Inc NFT collection…

… which as-yet does not have an official minting date or time, although we do know it’ll be 15,000 non-fungible tokens in total, and that Truth Labs will be offering a 50 per cent discount for those eligible for a (not-free-for-every-minter) mint who pay with… wait for it… the so-frothy-right now $PEPE memecoin token.

If absolutely none of this is making any sense to you, by the way, we don’t blame you, but perhaps you’re better off digging through Stockhead‘s vast array of informative lithium and other mining-focused articles.

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Goblintown NFTs. Source: OpenSea

New York crypto media outlet CoinDesk, which is a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group and recently sponsored the large Consensus crypto conference in Austin, Texas, spoke with some of the founders of Truth Labs regarding the new collection.

A spokesperson for the left-field web3 design firm confirmed that “the worst traders in NFT land” will receive a ranked level of prioritisation for the mint according to just how “rekt” they’ve been from poor NFT trades.

“If you are one of the top 1,000 worst traders in NFT land you get 24 hours to mint your Big Inc acceptance letter for free,” Truth Labs said.

Holders of other Truth Labs NFT collections, including Goblintown, Grumpl and Illuminati, will also reportedly receive the opportunity to mint Big Inc NFTs for free.

For those who don’t qualify for a freebie, the Big Inc NFTs at mint stage will apparently cost 0.096 ETH, which is currently about US$178. As noted above, that will cost about US$89 if paid using PEPE.

The Goblintown floor price is currently 0.35 ETH, down a loooong way from its all-time high of near about 7.35 ETH, set last June, just after the collection burst onto the scene in the midst of one of the worst periods of the crypto bear market.

Goblintown, a free mint back in May 2022, very quickly wormed its way into the Crypto Twittering anti-establishment zeitgeist last year. In total, the collection has generated 63,482 ETH in sales volume, which equates to roughly US$118.1 million.