It’s pretty well established in the “Cryptoverse”, as analytical crypto-market boffin Benjamin Cowen calls it, that if you’re not on Twitter you’re simply not giving yourself access to the full breadth of crypto trading and investing “alpha” available.

We’ll stop the David Brent quote marks for the moment. But the point is, Crypto Twitter offers you a cornucopia (or cornuHOPIA?) of hopium crack-pipe-smoking bulls, FUD-peddling bears, great, general and specific info if you know where to look, as well as good, bad, and ugly memes, trollers, erm, scammers, and general whacko crypto-industry-related behaviour and more.

And that’s been the case for a few years now – well before Elon “Dogefather” Musk took over the social-media behemoth. Of course, there’s also Reddit, YouTube and TikTok. Plus Discord and Telegram are where most crypto projects build their investor communities. So if you’re a serious coinhead, perhaps you should consider regularly looking at all those socially geared info-avenues, too.

With caution. And keeping your wits about you, naturally.

Coinhead (@CoinheadAU) has been lurking around Crypto Twitter for some time, though, picking daily gems from prominent accounts for our “Around the Blocks” section posted to the bottom of almost every morning “Mooners and Shakers” roundup.

And so it’s Musk’s social network that’s certainly our go-to for general market sentiment and, yup, alpha. Here then, with some thanks to some a couple of helpful contacts in the know, are our picks for building a good, all-round crypto-themed Twitter feed.

Not an exhaustive list for you, by any means – there will be countless superb accounts we’ve failed to consider or are unaware of. But it’s a start…


Web3 gaming

Crypto gaming, Web3 gaming, NFT gaming, blockchain gaming, GameFi, play-to-earn, play-to-own… whatever you want to call it, it was one of the hottest sectors in the crypto space during the last significant bull run, in 2020. And judging by the amount of interest we see and hear about it, it’s a good chance of hitting a few home runs again in the next bullish cycle.

Coinhead has spoken to quite a few blockchain-gaming ecosystem builders, notably Illuvium’s Kieran Warwick, Undead Blocks’ Grant Haseley as well as founders from ImmutableX, Guild of Guardians, Shrapnel, Civitas and others.

There’s one thing they all agree upon, which isn’t really a surprise, and that’s the idea that gaming has the biggest potential to bring the mainstream masses into the Web3/crypto universe, if founders and developers get it right. And that’s, first and foremost, by making actually entertaining games people will want to play.

Aside from keeping an eye out on Coinhead, here’s where to find some of the best Web3 gaming-related content on Twitter:

Brycent; @brycent_ (190k followers): The winner of the GAM3 “Best Content Creator” award offers accessible, largely crypto-jargon-free live-streamed content on the latest playable projects, as well as forthright opinions and news.

‘Stache; @CryptoStache (75k followers): “Secret Agent Stache” is another large-account, live-streaming, AMA-conducting, game-playing content fiend”.

EllioTrades@elliotrades (696k) followers: Elliot Wainman is well known in the crypto space as a popular YouTuber/influencer and has a massive Twitter following to boot. Much of his content last bull run was focused around “hidden gem” finding, but he’s switched gears to talk mainly gaming and NFTs with a little macro, as well as building his SuperFarm NFT marketplace, Imposters game and Neo Tokyo NFT/gaming community.

ImmutableX; @Immutable (296k): The Aussie-founded Ethereum Layer 2 ImmutableX blockchain and its founding firm Immutable has quickly become one of the biggest and most influential games incubators in the Web3 gaming sector. Home to the likes of @illuviumio and @GodsUnchained, this project seems to be attracting new games and developers to its blockchain every week. Well worth a follow to keep abreast of games movements and trends.

BigTurnz; @BigTurnzTV (2.4k): The Senior Community Manager for the ImmutableX-housed’s @GuildofGuardian game might be worth a follow, too. Well, he certainly thinks so…

Ethlizards; @ethlizards (17k): A gaming-focused DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) borne from the Illuvium gaming Discord community. It’s also an NFT project, offering holders exclusive benefits and rewards and early access to new tokenised gaming projects. Good info on its Twitter account, but well worth joining its Discord for more.

Kieran Warwick; @KieranWarwick (40k): The Sydney-based co-founder of Illuvium is a self-proclaimed crypto-gaming “degen” and, even though his core content focus is Illuvium, he’s always on the hunt for promising new projects in the space, which he’ll occasionally tweet about.

WolvesDAO; @WolvesDAO (8.3k): Another highly influential gaming DAO comprising some of the industry’s best thought leaders, investors and gaming developers building in the Web3 space. Ulti, founder of the NFT short-selling Dyve project is a prominent member.

And speaking of Ulti (who you should also follow), he’s given us a few other recommendations for this category, as follows:

apix (@apixtwts); sparkc (@sparkcsays); itzBolt.eth (@itzBoltNFT).



There’s obvious cross-over between NFT and gaming content creators and Twitter accounts. But here are some of the most engaging non-fungible accounts we’ve been able to muster, with some help from Ulti again on a few of these…

Zeneca@Zeneca (352k followers): Simply, one of the most respected NFT-themed influencers, researchers and podcasters around.

6529; @punk6529 (440k): The owner of CryptoPunk no. 6529 offers thoughtful and incisive takes on the NFT market, NFT trends and the crypto space more broadly.

Hunter Solaire; @huntersolaire_ (7k): Daily tweets on the latest trends in NFTs and gaming, including forward-thinking threads like this one:

GiancarloChaux; @GiancarloChaux (93k): If you want the heads up on upcoming NFT mints worth a look (or not, for that matter), Giancarlo’s your man. Check out his “Mint or Skip” curated list posted every Monday – @mintorskip. “We go through 100s of upcoming NFTs. You get our best picks for free.”

Lisa Teh; @lisateh_ (2.6k): Highly active in the local, Aussie NFT scene as well as globally, Lisa is the well-connected co-founder of the @mooningagency Web3 marketing agency and has an upcoming industry event in Melbourne you might want to consider attending. 

Greg Oakford; @GregOakford (6.5k): Founder of the awesome @NFTFestAus, which Coinhead attended in Melbourne last year, Greg knows his stuff and regularly drops NFT info bombs as co-host of @ApeBirdNFTshow.

NFT God; @NFT_GOD (103k): Another prominent influencer, NFT God is an interesting follow, if only for the fact he’s made a life-changing amount of money from NFTs, as well as apparently lost a life-changing amount, too, from a devastating hack earlier this year. Keep your NFTs and crypto secure in a hardware wallet. Triple check every transaction. Check the source of links before clicking. Learn from NFT God’s mistakes.



Decentralised finance (DeFi), will always be one of crypto’s most innovative and buzzy sectors. And there’s definitely something to be said for trying to catch emerging trends in DeFi early – such as NFTfi, for example.

Which is exactly why Coinhead speaks with the DeFi-watching and investing gurus (including @danglissy and @DeFiGuy3) over at Apollo Crypto every other week for our Apollo’s Alpha column. In fact, let’s start with the Apollo Twitter account:

Apollo Crypto; @ApolloCryptoAu (1.75k): Lots of relevant tweets and prolific re-tweeting to be had here. And the following accounts are some of Apollo’s DeFi-alpha suggestions for us, too:

Chris Blec; @ChrisBlec (44k): A “decentralisation maxi”, according to Apollo Crypto. And according to himself, a “fierce advocate for immutable, unstoppable decentralized tech. Vicious adversary of everything that pretends to be but isn’t.” 

Taiki Maeda; @TaikiMaeda2 (57k): A crypto “yield farmer” extraordinaire. “My mission is to create high-quality, digestible (ad-free) content that helps separate signal from noise for DeFi/NFT enthusiasts,” he says.

Edgy – The DeFi Edge; @thedefiedge (230k): Easily one of the most consistent accounts for high-quality DeFi and general crypto-market-related insights on Twitter.

Plus we’re throwing in this excellent one, too:

DeFi Dad; @DeFi_Dad (149k): Similar in content-Twittering quality and knowledge to Edgy, above. Dunno about his dad jokes, though.



Trader/analysts – the wizards and witches of rising and falling wedges, the magicians of moving averages. We lean on some of these chart-watching characters every so often in our Mooners and Shakers roundups, in an attempt to get a handle on what the hell might happen next in a market dominated by human sentiment and informed by historical price action.

Michaël van de Poppe; @CryptoMichNL (650k followers): We grab (always credited) quite a lot of useful info from the flying Dutchman, which we thank him for. Of late, Van de Poppe has been calling for Bitcoin to relief-rally further, with a target somewhere around $30-40k, before a potential pullback later in the year ahead of a rising bullish narrative in 2024.

This thesis can very quickly change, however, which he’d be the first to acknowledge.

Rekt Capital; @rektcapital (337k): Another European trader/analyst with a large following and generally astute calls leaning long-term bullish.

Roman Trading; @Roman_Trading (46k): A no-nonsense US trader/chartist who attempts to unemotionally, without bias, play the ball directly in front of him. And he generally does a pretty damn good job of that, too, from what we can tell.

DonAlt; @CryptoDonAlt (464k): Want strong opinions with your crypto-trading updates? DonAlt’s your guy.

Justin Bennett; @JustinBennettFX (111k): Experienced forex and crypto trader. Gets things right, gets things wrong – like the rest of them.

Eric Crown; @KrownCryptoCave (68k): The favourite go-to trader of EllioTrades’ (see further above). Draws lines and triangles. Looks at candles. Imparts knowledge in a frank but friendly fashion.

GCR; @GCRClassic (151k): “He who chases two rabbits catches neither,” believes CGR. Make of that what you will, then go check him out. Another Ulti Crypto recommendation, as is this one, too…

EddyisKongz; @eddyiskongz (77k).


Airdrop hunters

Airdrops are the closest thing to free money in the crypto world. And if you pay attention and can be bothered putting in a little bit of time and effort to understand certain new and upcoming crypto projects/protocols, then you might stand half a chance of making some pretty easy magic internet money.

Here are three of the best accounts we know of for pretty regular airdropped alpha upon the Crypto Twitter landscape.

Olimpio; @OlimpioCrypto (134k followers): Excellent account this one, which we’ve referenced a few times now in the odd airdrop article over the past year or so. “Sharing airdrop, yield farming, and DeFi strategies,” Olimpio self describes.

Corleone; @corleonescrypto (45k) “Funding novel crypto tech – Psyop Engr – Frequent alpha dropper.”

Miles Deutscher; @milesdeutscher (299.5k): “Crypto analyst and DeFi addict. Busy finding the next 100x. Tweets aren’t financial advice,” says the Aussie crypto researcher. Incidentally, Miles wrote a pretty great thread breaking down his list of smaller but “high-alpha”, “criminally underrated” Twitter accounts:


On-chain metrics/data/intelligence

We won’t go into these in detail, suffice to say they’re all well-known in the space for their on-chain (blockchain-housed) data and market-analysis chops, and regularly release in-depth reports – some of which are free, some subscription based. Following their Twitter accounts, however, affords you some great snippets of info for nothing.

Glassnode; @glassnode (499k followers)

Santiment; @santimentfeed (157k)

• Coinglass; @coinglass_com (23k); @coinmetrics (93k)

Messari; @MessariCrypto (304k)

Delphi Digital; @delphi_digital (152k)

Willy Woo; @woonomic (1 million)

Will Clemente; @WClementeIII (677k)


General alpha

Now, here’s where we’re pretty much dumping/listing some other great accounts that we’re having a little trouble categorising into any one particular niche. Miles Deutscher (above) could’ve made this list, for instance, but his airdropping-alpha game is so strong, that’s where he landed for us.

Lady of Crypto; @LadyofCrypto1 (373k followers): A thread-tastic poster who offers seriously well-put-together info and lists, such as this:

Collective Shift; @cshift_io (3.2k): Home-grown Aussie crypto education and research platform Collective Shift offers intelligent, no-BS, accessible takes on crypto trends, market movements and paths for newbies into the space. Highly recommend following its founder @bensimpsonau and Head of Research @matt_willemsen, too. Coinhead has met both of them, and we’re happy to report they know what they’re talking about IRL, too. 

And wouldn’t you know it, Ben’s got his own Crypto Twitter account alpha list, too…

Ryan Selkis; @twobitidiot (304.5k): The founder of the influential crypto market-intelligence outfit @messaricrypto is a real all-rounder when it comes to Web3 trends and crypto-market info. 

Crypto Crib; @Crypto_Crib_ (74k): Want crypto news in bite-size chunks, and plenty of them? Head to the Crib. “Market moving news to justify your degenerate habit of losing money. Follow me and get REKT responsibly.”

Jordi Alexander: @gametheorizing (75k): “Game theorist and 1st principles analyzooor”. Alexander’s account is a recommendation to us from Apollo Crypto. Alexander is the CIO of Selini Capital and an advisor to various projects. All-around crypto alpha and “macro” expert.

Chris Burniske; @cburniske (86k): Burniske is partner at venture capital outfit @placeholdervc; and formerly led crypto strategies at Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest. He’s another allrounder and another Apollo Crypto shout-out for this list. 

tedtalksmacro; @tedtalksmacro (96k): YouTuber, Twitterer and crypto-narrative noter, tedtalksmacro has recently been pushing the Chinese-liquidity storyline.

ThreadGuy; @notthreadguy (117.7k): “Director of Vibes”, Threadguy, who never actually posts proper threads, is an all-round “sh*tposter” and should probably be in your Crypto Twitter feed for pure entertainment value, along with the likes of @cobie, @KingFUD and @ShiLLin_ViLLian.

Some others also well worth a mention to round out the list…

@jchervinsky (123k), @stevevallas (7.3k), @ChloeWhiteAus (3.9k) and @LBRYcom (11k) for crypto regulations and policy updates.

@udiWertheimer (159k), @aantonop (758k) and @natbrunell (290k) for pure Bitcoin-related intelligence.

@sassal0x (235k) for Ethereum-maxi dialogues.

@coinbureau (784k); @TheCryptoLark (1m); @TheCryptoZombie (116k); @AltcoinDailyio (1.3m) and @intocryptoverse (732k) – for highly popular YouTubing crypto influencers who would probably hate being called “influencers”. Good and regular content creators all.

@naiivememe, for the memes, of course.