• Airlines globally have been caught up in a dangerous fake parts scandal
  • YPB Group’s anti-counterfeit tech suited to ensuring aircraft parts integrity
  • YPB invisible tracer is now protecting more than one billion products worldwide


Global concerns about the use of bogus engine parts in jet repairs are growing, but YPB Group (ASX:YPB)’s invisible anti-counterfeit technology could be the answer to ensuring only verified components are used for the safety of everyone on board.  

In September, London based company AOG Technics was found to be distributing fake parts used in many Airbus and Boeing aircraft by forging numerous Authorised Release Certificates for components.

ARCs are airworthiness certificates for aircraft parts that ensure they are produced to specific standards.

Among the airlines caught up in the scandal is Virgin Australia, which reportedly grounded two of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft after finding unauthorised engine parts with false certification.

It remains uncertain whether uncertified parts will exhibit the same durability as the approved ones when subjected to stress.

Uncertified or possibly counterfeit components infiltrating the engine supply chain must be addressed with urgency in an industry where each element must have its origin verified to guarantee aircraft safety.


How YPB’s invisible Tracer tech could help

YPB founder, chairman and CEO John Houston says its anti-counterfeit platform YPB invisible Tracer protects more than one billion products worldwide, enabling brand owners and manufacturers to tell real from fake.

YPB Tracer is completely invisible and undetectable without the use of YPB’s proprietary Bluetooth scanner and can be applied via the manufacturing process in injection moulding or via printing application such as screen, flexography printing, gravure or offset etc.

“Because it can only be detected via the use of our inexpensive hand held scanners which are able to be viewed in CONNECT, our global dashboard, it makes it a perfect tool for those in a need-to-know basis to verify the goods upon receipt or during supply chain inspections,” Houston says.

Furthermore, he says YPB’s products can provide certainty of authenticity forensically.

“Our Tracer has a completely unique DNA signature which means if we need to test a good that is applied with our product, we have that forensic process that can be used in a court of law,” he says.

Houston believes YPB may just be the solution to the airline industry, where it is paramount that parts are legitimate.

“Airline services technicians could verify the part and certification prior to installation to make sure they have met the industries strict standards, additionally every scan can be viewed by management or by Quality Assurance on our global dashboard” he says.

“If manufacturers applied our invisible tracer on their products before the technician installed them they could have been verified prior, avoiding the costly and dangerous issue the airline industry is now facing.”

Houston says the issue of counterfeit parts for the airline industry along with others is not going away due to global supply chains and manufacturing processes.

“The need to have proof of providence and certainty of authenticity is more important than ever, especially when dealing with aircraft parts and the role airlines play in the social connection of humanity,” he says.


This article was developed in collaboration with YPB Group, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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