• Chinese scientists reportedly develop hypermobile anti-stealth radar
  • YPB is set to launch its anti-counterfeit MotifMicro app on Apple and Google stores
  • Nearmap’s board approves the unicorn-making Thoma Bravo offer

Apparently Chinese scientists have developed an anti-stealth radar that could be easily set up almost anywhere – including rooftops.

Usually, anti-stealth radar systems need big antenna to pick up the signature of stealth planes that can block or deflect radar signals, and even portable versions typically take hours to set up and are prime targets for satellites and drones – which makes this portable system that’s about the size of a clothes-drying rack kind of a big deal.

The metric wave radar array created by Xidian University professor Yang Minglei at the national laboratory of radar signal processing has actually been tested on top of a building on a university campus, and reportedly performed better in terms of accuracy and range of detection.

The system consists of two identical antennas separated by about 20m on the same rooftop, with one emitting low-frequency electromagnetic pulses and the other detecting the returning signals.

The researchers claim that the dual antenna array provides extensive area coverage, allowing the system to pick up more long waves reflected by a target.

Yang said it tracked civilian aircraft, but whether or not it can pick up real-world stealth aircraft remains to be seen.


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Anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement technology player YPB says its MotifMicro (MM1) app will be publicly released to both the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores, making it available for B2B use by the company’s partners.

Previously, the app had to be directly sent to users’ phones using an ID or IMEI of the phone to be used.

“The widened availability will not in itself generate revenue as the revenue associated with MotifMicro is derived from the sale of YPB’s proprietary microparticles which are incorporated in inks, plastics and other production substrates,” the company said.

The app now supports Android V9 and iPhone X and later due to the development of a camera calibration feature which makes very wide adoption possible (especially for Android).

The app also hosts a vastly improved user interface plus a significantly enhanced detection model based on AI principles to allow detection of MotifMicro particles in real world conditions with an unmodified smartphone.

Plus, YPB has currently contracted four paid trial partners in Australia, SE Asia, India and the Middle East and believes that this access can speed adoption and roll out globally.



Nearmap says its board has unanimously recommended Thoma Bravo’s unicorn-making offer and has entered into a scheme implantation deed.

“Nearmap has built a strong position in the location intelligence industry,” CEO Rob Newman said.

“Our business model is proven in Australia and our ambition to continue to grow rapidly in North America aligns well with Thoma Bravo’s future ambitions for the business.

“We expect the location intelligence and aerial imaging market in North America to undergo change and consolidation over the next few years, which will present organic and inorganic opportunities for Nearmap.

“I look forward to our team’s continued outstanding work in support of our customers and eagerness to build on our success, benefiting from the operating capabilities, capital support and deep sector expertise from Thoma Bravo.”

Shareholders will have the opportunity to vote on the Scheme at a court convened shareholder meeting, expected to be held during November 2022.



The mining and environmental Software-as-a-Service company is launching a new resource governance platform that will include an upgraded mineral resource reporting solution and will collaborate with provider of global software and hardware services to the mining industry, Maptek, integrating with its Vulcan software.

Vulcan 3D geological modelling and mine design software now has more than 22,000 users worldwide. It is supported by specialist tools for visualising, validating, and modelling data to enable analysis and support decisions.

The platform can now be used to address multiple resource governance use cases such as tailings governance, heritage, ground disturbance and rehabilitation.

The new version will be faster and easier to implement for smaller clients as well.


YPB, NEA and K2F share prices today:


Smart Parking achieved revenue in FY22 of $38.1m, up 61% on FY21, plus adjusted EBITDA was $8.8m, up 296% of FY21.

The company put this down to building “foundations for growth” in Germany, Australia and New Zealand while continuing to scale its core its car park monitoring systems in the UK.

SPZ says parking breach notice issuance was up by a whopping 81% for the year, thanks to its Automatic Number Plate Recognition/License Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) systems.

The company also nabbed 303 new sites for its management services in FY22 and completed the acquisition and integration of Enterprise Parking Solutions and NE Parking



The edtech company recorded solid revenue in FY22 of $97.2m, up $39.8m on FY21, with underlying EDITDAA increasing $4.4m to $13.8m and statutory net loss after tax at $0.6m – an improvement of $8.8m in FY21.

The company acquired Blake eLearning during the period and executive chairman Matthew Sandblom said this bodes well for the company’s growth.

“We are building a lot of great new programs that we think will make a real difference to learning outcomes in the key academic skills,” he said.

“Most of these new programs won’t be seen until FY23-24 so I’m pleased we can still expect good growth in sales and EBITDA in the meantime.”

CFO Anton Clowes said the plan is for double digit growth in the B2C market and single digit growth on the core school market, with FY23 revenue guidance between $111-115m.



SaaS player Felix says its seen “significant” operational progress in FY22 with 40 contractors using Felix and seven expansion deals completed.

Felix connects contractors and third-party vendors by digitising, automating, and streamlining a range of critical procurement-related business processes, reducing supply chain risk and improving transparency and governance.

The company had 66,618 vendors in the Vendor Marketplace in FY22, increasing 28% on pcp and $4.1m group revenue in FY22, with contractor subscription revenue contributing strongly, increasing 39% to $2m in FY22.

Plus, it has a partnership progressing to plan with InEight, a construction project management software provider.

“With our go-to-market strategy with InEight agreed, we are very excited to capitalise on the near-term opportunities progressing through our pipeline and the operating leverage the partnership provides,” co-founder and CEO Mike Davis said.


SPZ, 3PL and FLX share prices today: