• SkyWater customers can now integrate Weebit’s tech into their semiconductor chip designs
  • Pentanet signs cloud gaming distribution deal with Optus for Aussie customers 
  • RemSense nabs deal for VR platform with Chevron Australia worth ~$2m 


Semiconductor player Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) has announced its resistive RAM (Re-RAM) IP is now available in US foundry SkyWater Technology’s (NASDAQ:SKYT) 130nm Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) S130 process. 

SkyWater customers can now easily integrate Weebit’s non-volatile memory (NVM) in their system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

“Weebit ReRAM offers our customers a differentiated NVM solution they can use in developing highly integrated products at ultra-low power,” SkyWater CTO Steve Kosier said.

“Weebit’s technology has excellent reliability even at high temperatures, and is tolerant to radiation and electro-magnetic fields, making it a great fit for many of our customers’ demanding target markets. 

“The IP will be supported in our process design kit in the near future, allowing customers to confidently and easily integrate Weebit ReRAM into their designs.” 

Demo chips produced by SkyWater integrating Weebit’s ReRAM module were recently received from manufacturing and proven fully functional. 

These chips are currently under qualification – which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023 – and are being used for customer demonstrations, testing and prototyping. 


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The company has signed a collaboration agreement with Optus Mobile to deliver its NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming services to Optus customers.

GeForce NOW will be integrated into the Optus SubHub subscription management platform, enabling access for Optus’ customers in Australia. 

Pentanet said this marks a significant milestone towards its goal of commercialising GeForce NOW with the introduction of its first large-scale wholesale partner. 

“This is a big step towards solidifying our position in the gaming market, being the wholesale digital distribution channel for GeForce NOW in our territories,” MD Stephen Cornish said.

“I’m looking forward to working closely with Optus and putting this game changing platform into the hands of new users.” 



RemSense has nabbed a deal with AGC Industries – on behalf of Chevron Australia – to undertake virtualplant scanning of additional LNG facilities through 2023-2024 for total contract value of around $2 million. 

Virtualplant uses VR/AI tech to display a digital representation of plant assets (digital twin) that integrates with existing business operations and asset management systems to deliver greater productivity, increased safety, and reduced cost. 

This award builds on the successful virtualplant scanning of some Chevron assets last year, with new site scanning work commencing early April 2023.

Company MD Steve Brown said it’s “a great example of the maturing of enterprise sales opportunities” and that “further prospects across market sectors are progressing in Australia and overseas.” 



OpenLearning has signed a distribution and SaaS reseller agreement with the Education Centre of Australia (ECA) to expand into India.

India has one of the world’s largest higher education sectors with 1,043 universities, 42,343 colleges, and 11,779 standalone institutions, and also has the largest college-age population, projected to reach 126 million by 2026. 

However, India’s higher education enrolment ratio of 27% lags far behind its peers, with China at 43% and Brazil at 51%. 

The government in India aims to increase the higher-education enrolment ratio to 50% by 2030 and the sector is under significant capacity pressure, making quality online education critical to deliver scalable solutions to the country’s higher education needs.

That’s where OpenLearning comes in.

OpenLearning India will encompass the company’s SaaS Platform and a marketplace of short courses, micro-credentials and online degrees primarily from Indian and Australian universities.

Under the agreement, ECA will handle sales, marketing, partnerships, course design and distribution of the platform to universities in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

“The economic materiality of the Agreement is not known at this time as the revenue generated is dependent on the number of learners who choose to purchase courses through the OpenLearning India marketplace and the number of universities in the Platform Region that subscribe to the OpenLearning SaaS Platform,” the company said.


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