RockTalk is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new macro topic each week.  

Populating the expert panel for this discussion are Luke Titus, chief operating officer at Gold Hydrogen (ASX:GHY) and Thomas Nador, CEO at Buru Energy (ASX:BRU). 

In this episode, host Peter Strachan sits down with two companies on the hunt for natural hydrogen.  Natural hydrogen, or “gold hydrogen” as it is also known, is hydrogen that is produced by certain geological processes such as when water reacts with certain rocks, deep in the subsurface.

Buru Energy is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company based in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to its core oil and gas activity, Buru also has a number of new energy businesses in natural hydrogen, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and battery minerals through its subsidiaries 2H Resources, Geovault and Battmin respectively.

Gold hydrogen seeks to play a significant role in the low-carbon energy push by commercialising naturally occurring hydrogen. The company is sitting on a very large natural hydrogen prospective resource with plans for low-cost production.

The group discuss a range of topics including how natural hydrogen is formed and trapped, GHY’s journey into South Australia, and BRU’s plans for path to market.

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