A review of historical geophysical data on recently granted E27/623 south of Poseidon Nickel’s Black Swan nickel processing operations has identified a possible weak off-hole conductor.

Moho Resources (ASX:MOH) says recent modelling shows the electromagnetic anomaly is beyond the end of the drill hole – about 100m to the south – and is very subtle, implying a distant source.

If it reflects massive nickel sulphide mineralisation it may sit within an untested portion of the Black Swan South magnetic anomaly – it might reflect graphite, or a sliver of sulphide bound in the interpreted NW shear.

No other ground electromagnetic surveys have been conducted on the magnetic anomaly, which has been the focus of limited historical exploration for nickel.

Next phase of exploration to target underexplored Black Swan prospect 

Moho managing director Shane Sadleir said the company’s early assessment of historic exploration data is that the Black Swan South prospect is “significantly underexplored”, particularly given its proximity to the high-grade nickel sulphide mineralisation associated with the Silver Swan and Golden Swan deposits.

“We are looking forward to the next phase of exploration with great anticipation and excitement,” Sadleir said.

Moho says the area will be covered as part of a proposed in-loop surface EM survey and sits within a gap in the historical drilling.

Due to a shortage of EM crews, surveying may not occur until June however the company is actively aiming to secure a rig prior to completion of the surface EM to drill the untested section of the magnetic anomaly and add important new geological information to this developing target.

The drill holes will be cased so that they can be used to test for DHEM anomalies.

Next steps

Imminent tasks on Moho’s list include completing the geochemical review and interpretation of Black Swan drilling data, planning drill holes to test EM geophysical and geochemical targets for nickel and PGEs, and securing a drill rig.

The company is also planning to undertake DHEM surveying in reverse circulation (RC) holes proposed to test the nickel targets, undertake ground EM surveys on the magnetic anomaly, and undertake DHEM surveying in historical drill hole LBSD0023.




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