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It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every ASX stock has started trading.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Security Description Last % Volume MktCap
YPB YPB Group Ltd 0.003 50% 175,021 $1,238,498
ICL Iceni Gold 0.087 36% 627,041 $13,348,571
SCU Stemcell United Ltd 0.004 33% 435,458 $3,854,189
TD1 Tali Digital Limited 0.002 33% 600,000 $4,942,733
BLU Blue Energy Limited 0.035 21% 2,151,829 $53,678,234
AXE Archer Materials 0.6 19% 472,963 $128,697,742
M4M Macro Metals Limited 0.0035 17% 37,803 $5,961,233
TIG Tigers Realm Coal 0.007 17% 500,990 $78,400,214
FAU First Au Ltd 0.004 14% 32,287,986 $5,081,976
1TT Thrive Tribe Tech 0.033 14% 1,858,296 $6,668,691
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Authentication tech stock YPB Group Limited (ASX: YPB) has signed a 3-year agreement with Aussie company Rim-Lock Innovations worth a minimum $80,000.

Explorer Iceni Gold (ASX:ICL) has reported “spectacular” high grade gold in rock samples at the at Everleigh Well in WA.

Just check this out:

The peak assay was 18,207g/t, it says.

Blue Energy (ASX:BLU) has signed a non-binding MOU with Queensland Pacific Metals Energy (QPME) to facilitate supply gas on an “as available” basis into QPME’s Moranbah Gas Project (MGP) plant at Moranbah.

Semiconductor company Archer Materials (ASX:AXE) has advanced the room temp capabilities of its qubit material, achieving unprecedented quantum coherence times.

This milestone, which was previously only achieved at -173°C, “means more complex computing applications could potentially be performed in more normal operating environments”.

And drilling has intersected near surface gold at First Au’s (ASX:FAU) Haunted Stream project in Victoria, “potentially open[ing] the door to a large mineral system”.

Results from the first two holes include a highlight 12.9m @ 3.57g/t, including 7.3m @ 5.1 g/t Au, from 38m.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Security Description Last % Volume MktCap
MTL Mantle Minerals Ltd 0.001 -50% 37,500 $12,294,892
CLE Cyclone Metals 0.001 -33% 20,000 $15,396,757
AHN Athena Resources 0.003 -25% 996,666 $4,281,870
AJQ Armour Energy Ltd 0.003 -25% 1,729,689 $19,685,368
CHK Cohiba Min Ltd 0.003 -25% 4,837,192 $8,452,977
MCT Metalicity Limited 0.0015 -25% 41,543 $7,472,172
AOA Ausmon Resorces 0.004 -20% 294,679 $4,846,447
NZS New Zealand Coastal 0.002 -20% 1,088,265 $4,135,025
CHR Charger Metals 0.4 -18% 547,993 $21,420,040
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