On Stockhead today,  It’s International Women’s Day. Nadine’s looking at what the lithium boom is doing for women in resources. She’s also asked Datt Capital to apply their absolute conviction thesis for 3 stocks amid uncertain economic headwinds.

We’re staying on target as the junior end of the mining sector looks ripe for an M&A raid. Josh Chiat goes Head to Stock with Shaw and Partners’ State Manager of WA and Director Corporate Finance, the renowned and reputed Red Baron of Resources,  Mr Davide Bosio.

Then Josh, pivoting like panther, seeks answers on China’s revised growth targets and what they mean for Aussie iron ore.

Jessica’s watching Japan go all in on La Trobe Valley coal as the answer to… greenish hydrogen and Reuben’s all over Tesla’s price drops which it seems could ‘break the car market’.

But first, the day ahead.



The following stocks went into trading halts yesterday and are expected out in the coming days:

Variscan Mines (ASX:VAR) – Capital raising.

Aurumin (ASX:AUN) – wheeee… it’s a capital raising.

Family Zone Cyber Safety (ASX:FZO) – … another capital raising.

Sequoia Financial Group (ASX:SEQ) – A partial subsidiary divestment!


IWD 2023

Clara Zetkin, (total freedom fighter, author of Fighting Fascism: How To Struggle and How to Win, written before anyone knew what Fascism could do), was the boss of the Women’s Office for the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) back in 1910.

Clara pushed the idea of an International Women’s Day at the 2nd International Conference of Working Women in (wonderful) Copenhagen.

That got unanimous support from the more than 100 women representing 17 countries.

The very first International Women’s Day was held the following year on 19 March in Germany and around Europe where meetings and protests were held and the largest street demonstration attracted some 30,000 women.  Apparently the date was chosen by Clara Zetkin because, on the same date in 1848, the backsliding conservative King of Prussia (Frederick William IV) had promised votes for women (among other reforms).

That promise remained unfulfilled

In 1913, IWD was moved to 8 March and has been held on this day ever since.

Australia’s first IWD was held in 1928 in Sydney.

Organised by the Militant Women’s Movement (MWM), women called for equal pay for equal work, an 8 hour working day for shop girls and paid leave.

Mary Wright (1903 – 1993) was a labour activist and feminist with a long history of militantly supporting the rights of Australian women and workers.

She was a founding member in the 1920s of the Militant Women’s Movement – the central women’s department of the Communist Party of Australia. Her husband, Tom, was also an important figure in Australian labour history.

She addressed ther crowd in Sydney on this day in 1928, was said to be an utter legend and there’s a good bit on her in the Australian Women’s Register, if you’ve got time.

The National Library Archives have an oral history of her recounting the MWM, the first IWD and a bunch of other stuff which I couldn’t get hold of but, again, you probably could. With a near 200 page transcript it’s a lot of primary source material. It’s here.

Although, you’ll need to hit the library up for access.

Zetkin, meanwhile, was forced to flee Germany after the Nazis came to power and the KPD was banned. She died a few weeks later in exile in Moscow at the age of 75.

She snagged an Order of Lenin (1932) and the Order of the Red Banner (1927). Her grave is along the Kremlin wall in Red Square.

Her likeness was commemorated on the East German 10 mark note.

And we shall see her like again.



Gold: $US1,815.27 (-1.72%)

Silver: $US20.05 (+4.71%)

Nickel (3mth): $US24,597/t (+0.83%)

Copper (3mth): $US8983.50/t (+0.28%)

Oil (WTI): $US77.22 (-4.00%)

Oil (Brent): $US83.83 (-3.38%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US129/t (0.00%)

AUD/USD: 0.6592 (-2.09%)

Bitcoin: $US22,095 (-1.41%)



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Here are yesterday’s best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Surefire Resources (ASX:SRN), went all booming after an independent contractor offered this in an Exploration Target Estimate (ETE).

Surefire’s Victory Bore vanadium project as having a lower and upper limit range of 682 Mt to 1,190 Mt @ 0.2% to 0.43% V2O5.

This, obviously, is Good News, which Surefire says puts its deposit safely within the World Class category.

Everyone agrees and Surefire’ jumped over one third.


Caprice Resources (ASX:CRS), coming out of a four-day trading halt with news that the company has done pretty well with exploratory drill work at its Northampton polymetallic project, located in the Northampton Mineral Field of Western Australia, hence the name.

The company says it’s returned “exceptional results from the first hole of the Lady Sampson RC drilling:”

  • 14m at 7.6% lead, 1.1% zinc and 3.1g/t silver from 39m incl.
    • 6m at 11.4% lead, 1.7% zinc and 4.4g/t silver from 40m; and
  • 3m at 4.2% lead, 2.2% zinc and 4.6g/t silver from 67m to EOH.


Pentanet (ASX:5GG), inked a deal with Optus to deliver the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service to Optus customers, as 5GG remains the sole Australian distributor of that particular  cloud gaming service in Australia.

The two companies will work together on a program that enables enhanced experience for GeForce NOW users on Optus SubHub, with a specific focus on 5G and the GeForce NOW user management platform, CloudGG, which is great news for everyone except Fortnite players, because mobile gamers are terrifyingly annoying n00bs.



Here are yesterday’s worst performing ASX small cap stocks:

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