Had a bit of a tough day? Lost your shirt on the Cup this afternoon, your pants at the bus stop and your mind on the markets this morning?

Or maybe you had too much champagne and not enough cold chicken at lunch, and dropped an absolute shocker of a gag that bombed harder than The Allies over Dresden in ‘45, much to the profound annoyance of a number of people.

Well… if that last bit sounds like something you’d do, we’re 100% certain that you are genuinely very, very apologetic, for what it’s worth.

Whatever’s had you all wound up, hopefully now you can take a break with us by the crackling fire of cold comforts, and reflect upon The Day That Was on the ASX and elsewhere, today.



The Melbourne Cup has been run and won for another year, and <<Insert Horse Name Here>> and jockey <<Tiny Person’s Name>> should be hugely pleased with their efforts, bringing home an enormous payday for <<Colourful Racing Identity>> and all the punters who popped a pineapple each way on the winner.

Congratulations to everyone involved, Full credit to the boys, The winner is Sydney and There’s always next year. (Please circle the most appropriate answer.)

In overseas news, straight outta China comes every single parent’s worst nightmare: a Covid-19 alert forced Shanghai Disney to pull down the shutters, leaving everyone already inside the park locked in and not allowed to leave.

Customers are required to turn in three negative Covid tests before they will be allowed to return home – which means three long days eating nothing but $1,000 hot dogs, with (presumably) nowhere to sleep.

But, there was some good news: management at the park decided to keep all the rides operating, because nothing soothes the “I have to take out a second mortgage because I’m trapped in Shanghai Disney for three days blues” than queuing for hours to listen to It’s A Small World over, and over, and over, and over…



A few small tidbits from the ASX today – and worth noting is that after several days and a staggering 1,325% rise in trading price, market regulators have decided it was probably time to ask WA1 Resources (ASX:WA1) a few questions about why that’s happened.

WA1 hasn’t issued a response at the time of writing, but we imagine that one will be forthcoming soon enough. Watch this space over the next few days, because if something’s gone awry (as it did with Koba (ASX:KOB) in recent days), it’s going to be a major task to unpick it all.

Moving along, and after about three years of appealing the umpire’s decision, Southern Cross Payments (ASX:SP1) has been officially earmarked to be delisted from the ASX, after the company (then known as iSignthis) was suspended on 2 October 2019.

It was all a bit complicated and apparently involved assets believed to be owed to one iteration of the business, and some market movement that raised a few eyebrows at the watchdog, but it ended with the ASX pulling the pin on SP1 when it wasn’t altogether happy with how it was all supposed to be sorted out.

The company dug in its heels, and it’s been in quasi-listed limbo ever since – but it looks like SP1 and the ASX have finally decided that enough is enough, and have asked the Federal Court for instruction on how to wind the battle up completely.



My Foodie Box (ASX:MBX) – Capital raise.

Belararox (ASX:BRX) – Belararox has news on the way about a maiden mineral resource update.

Elsight (ASX:ELS) – Convertible note capital raise.

Icon Energy (ASX:ICN) – Icon has news incoming about the renewal of tenement ATP 855 in the Cooper Basin.

Alto Metals (ASX:AME) – Capital raise.

BikeExchange (ASX:BEX) – Material equity capital raise.

Aguia Resources (ASX:AGR) – News of a development in relation to environmental permitting around the company’s Phosphate Project.

WA1 Resources (ASX:WA1) – The ASX has a price query for WA1. Not sure why – it’s only climbed more than 1,300% this week…

Azure Minerals (ASX:AZS) – Azure’s got drilling results from the Andover Nickel Project on the way.