• ASX was poised to finish flat, but managed to squeeze out a 1.2 point jump at the bell
  • Goldies have soared again, thanks to spot gold prices rising back above US$2000 an ounce
  • Western Mines Group defies the odds, cranking out a 186% rocket ride. Bravo


What a rollercoaster ride it was for the ASX today, with the benchmark bouncing at open, falling flat by lunch and looking for all the world like it was going to end the day flat.

Then, the shocking final twist – an inexplicable 0.1% drop in the final few minutes of the day had things looking like the market had, once again, not failed to be an utter disappointment to its parents and guardians.

But, miracle of miracles, there was just enough juice left in the tank for that to correct, and the day ended with the market up 1.2 pathetic points. It’s a gain, technically… but 0.02% is probably even more depressing than a huge loss.

The sectors were split today, with Telcos on top on +0.78 and Energy at the bottom on -0.57%, only slightly worse than Materials on -0.57%.

That’s despite the XGD All Ordinaries Gold index pumping out another platinum-plated sterling-silver effort, which saw it rise 3.82% while the best of the shiny stuff managed to stay north of the psychologically-significant US$2000/oz mark.



News in the US has been dominated by the indictment of former President Donald Trump on 34 felony (that’s the really bad kind) charges, relating to falsification of financial

The whole thing stems from Trump popping his pecker in a porn star, and then – the Dept of Justice, a long list of witnesses and a couple of people who have admitted (and gone to prison over) their role in the scheme – paying hush money to the lady involved, and subsequently did a bit of “creative accounting” to hide the payments in the lead up to the election he so bafflingly won.

Meanwhile, topping the “what’s hot” section at CNBC today is this gem of a headline: “Harvard expert shares her No. 1 ‘undesirable’ trait CEOs see in employees: It’s ‘a huge red flag’”.

She might be onto something – if I found out that someone had a thing for eating red flags, I probably wouldn’t hire them, either.

Except if my company made huge, edible red flags, of course.

Locally, Shadow Prime Minister Peter “I used to be a Queensland copper” Dutton has confirmed that the Liberal Party won’t support the government’s model for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

“It should be very clear to Australians by now that the prime minister is dividing the country and the Liberal Party seeks to unite the country,” Dutton said, drawing a very clear line between his party and First Nations people.

“We went to the last election with local and regional voices, that is essentially the policy we continue on with.”

Something that also happened at the last election: Dutton’s party suffered a -5.7% swing and lost 18 seats… make of that what you will.



Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
WMG Western Mines 0.31 170% 12,910,029 $4,718,738
4DX 4Dmedical Limited 0.52 65% 4,395,662 $92,764,929
IVR Investigator Res Ltd 0.056 37% 32,225,856 $58,923,807
MME Moneyme Limited 0.15 36% 5,048,178 $31,157,195
ARD Argent Minerals 0.015 36% 19,179,389 $12,941,293
DTM Dart Mining NL 0.069 35% 3,270,382 $7,936,649
LRL Labyrinth Resources 0.013 30% 283,114 $9,594,873
PXX Polarx Limited 0.013 30% 4,524,875 $13,529,469
TUL Tulla Resources 0.335 29% 1,000,771 $83,669,041
A1G African Gold Ltd. 0.09 27% 557,724 $12,021,096
H2G Greenhy2 Limited 0.025 25% 8,000 $8,375,117
INP Incentiapay Ltd 0.005 25% 400,000 $5,060,255
RXL Rox Resources 0.34 24% 4,441,351 $61,697,422
KZR Kalamazoo Resources 0.16 23% 482,343 $19,476,519
MDX Mindax Limited 0.16 23% 3,214,448 $259,097,628
MXO Motio Ltd 0.035 21% 60,000 $7,581,605
ERL Empire Resources 0.006 20% 265,336 $5,564,675
GPR Geopacific Resources 0.024 20% 237,302 $10,423,822
LDR Lode Resources 0.305 20% 3,324,145 $16,924,157
ODA Orcoda Limited 0.19 19% 328,583 $26,745,131
RED Red 5 Limited 0.1775 18% 24,287,672 $481,760,883
LLO Lion One Metals Ltd 1.1 18% 33,490 $11,168,336
XF1 Xref Limited 0.23 18% 119,708 $36,304,376
ID8 Identitii Limited 0.027 17% 529,307 $4,885,286
AZS Azure Minerals 0.405 17% 6,275,690 $134,631,445
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Hats off to Western Mines Group (ASX:WMG), which has cranked out a WMD on the gains scale, blowing up nearly 200% today on news of the discovery of an extensive nickel sulphide mineral system throughout the Mulga Tank Ultramafic Complex.

WMG has pulled up a cumulative 693.5m at 0.28% Ni, 128ppm Co, 61ppm Cu, 27ppb Pt+Pd in one drill hole at Mulga Tank, with other holes confirming an “extensive nickel sulphide system” with similarities to the large Mt Keith orebody.

Because nickel is currently in the process of replacing copper as the new lithium, investors are clearly pretty excited about the find – by lunchtime, WMG was up around 90%, and has closed out the day at +186.6%.

Likewise, 4D Medical (ASX:4DX) has also spent the afternoon improving its position – it was up 39.8% at lunchtime on news that it’s just signed a five-year contract with the University of Miami to provide XV LVAS (X-ray Velocimetry Lung Ventilation Analysis Software) ventilation reports.

The contract comes after a successful long-term clinical trial program already underway at University of Miami – and, given how freakishly expensive health care is in the US, 4DX’s official entry into the market Stateside has money-spinner written all over it.

Hence, 4DX was trading at $0.525 at the close of play, an overall climb of 66.67%.

There were a couple of absolute belters making moves on no news today – this morning, it was Argent Minerals (ASX:ARD) rocketing up 27.2% before lunch, despite not issuing a peep of news since the company’s somewhat mediocre half-year report on 15 March. It finished the day on +36.6%.

And Investigator Resources (ASX:IVR) came screaming out of nowhere, again on no news, to post a 39.0% gain following an enormous spike in volume today, 32,225,856 compared to its 4-week average of just over 4 million.



Here are the least best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
HFY Hubify Ltd 0.02 -33% 365,305 $14,884,089
AVW Avira Resources Ltd 0.002 -33% 24,857 $6,401,370
VPR Volt Power Group 0.001 -33% 100,000 $16,074,312
AEV Avenira Limited 0.0125 -26% 15,066,311 $21,169,591
AL8 Alderan Resource Ltd 0.007 -22% 204,375 $5,466,680
WEC White Energy Company 0.11 -21% 6,024 $5,679,701
CII CI Resources Limited 0.96 -21% 165,586 $141,008,951
DLT Delta Drone Intl Ltd 0.009 -18% 22,644,375 $5,627,654
PHO Phosco Ltd 0.07 -18% 405,273 $23,325,135
FTL Firetail Resources 0.1 -17% 67,500 $7,800,000
IS3 I Synergy Group Ltd 0.015 -17% 50,000 $5,203,447
EXL Elixinol Wellness 0.02 -17% 2,484,600 $7,590,374
PAR Paradigm Bio. 1.125 -16% 3,623,881 $375,992,762
HHR Hartshead Resources 0.042 -16% 27,331,762 $114,634,106
HAL Halo Technologies 0.17 -15% 16,852 $25,899,043
GTG Genetic Technologies 0.003 -14% 5,528 $40,395,804
MRD Mount Ridley Mines 0.003 -14% 9,248,796 $27,247,090
PIL Peppermint Inv Ltd 0.006 -14% 593,215 $14,264,998
XST Xstate Resources 0.012 -14% 162,574 $4,501,268
FDV Frontier Digital Ltd 0.6 -14% 1,764,041 $263,758,978
EYE Nova EYE Medical Ltd 0.26 -13% 1,264,766 $50,066,397
GRL Godolphin Resources 0.065 -13% 192,808 $8,877,709
LVH Livehire Limited 0.13 -13% 45,223 $50,701,964
WIA WIA Gold Limited 0.033 -13% 2,325,954 $21,748,079
MRL Mayur Resources Ltd 0.2 -13% 1,525,360 $67,977,992
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Some solid news for Pacific Nickel Mines Limited (ASX:PNM) today, with the company announcing that Glencore International has sent through a Letter of Commitment confirming receipt of its internal management approvals to execute an up to US$22m loan facility agreement and amended sales agreement for the Kolosori Nickel Project.

CEO Geoff Hiller says that the letter represents “an important milestone for the Project”,  and given that nickel is glowing red-hot right now, PNM is in a good position to get in on the action with funding secured for its development.

“The company anticipates that it will be in a position to effect an initial drawdown of US$3m once documentation has been completed. This will enable the Company to continue the current development works,” Hiller said.

“The company believes that the Project holds relatively low technical risk, and that capital payback will be achieved in under 12 months.”

Meanwhile, Global X has launched the Global X USD Corporate Bond ETF (Currency Hedged) (ASX:USIG) into the market, citing the growing appetite for fixed income assets while the market has been quietly shitting the bed.

The fund has a management fee of 30 basis points and tracks the Bloomberg USD Liquid Investment Grade Corporate Hedged to AUD Index, which offers exposure to US investment grade corporate bonds, with bond maturities of at least three years and a minimum amount outstanding of US$750 million per bond and US$2 billion per issuer,” GlobalX said, all in one breath before passing out.

It’s the fourth product launch for Global X this year and brings its product range to 31 ETFs as the business continues its quest to expand in a manner similar to Clive Palmer’s tremendously girthy waistline.



Caspin Resources (ASX:CPN) – Capital raising.

White Cliff Minerals (ASX:WCN) – Capital raising.

Tanami Gold (ASX:TAM) – Central Tanami Project Scoping Study announcement incoming.

Nova Minerals (ASX:NVA) – Global mineral resource update incoming.