PainChek (ASX:PCK), maker of the eponymous smartphone pain assessment app, has completed its expansion into Singapore after obtaining regulatory approval and a landmark commercial deal.

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) signed off on PainChek’s products, clearing the way for their distribution and use in the country.

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And to that end, Allium, a nursing home operator, has signed a two-year deal to use PainChek in its facilities.

Allium is the developer and operator of Allium Care Suites, Singapore’s first purpose-built premium 129-bed nursing home, which is scheduled to welcome its first resident later this year.

It also operates two other day care facilities, including Allium Care Studio, which provides personalised home care services for older persons who prefer being treated at home.

Allium will use PainChek’s technology, which is able to assess pain for patients who have trouble communicating it, across all of its facilities.

Philip Daffas, PainChek’s managing director, said the regulatory approval and commercial deal could not have been better timed, opening up the company to the broader Asian market at a time when an estimated 23 million people are living with dementia in Asia.

“Many people in Asia living with dementia have a desire to remain living at home and often have good family support. The PainChek Shared Care programme will provide the capability for Allium to provide accurate pain assessments across the continuum of care and help those people live life the way they want to,” he said.

“This, along with the clearance from Singapore’s regulatory body, is a great first step into the Asian market, which has a large ageing population.”

Bernie Poh, Allium’s CEO, said PainChek’s technology would enable it to enhance treatment plans for its patients.

“We provide personalised and dignified care to our clients and explore evidence-based technology that can help us achieve that goal better and more accurately,” he said.

“We also see great opportunity to work with PainChek as part of our integrated care offering across our nursing home, day care centres and home care services, especially for older persons living with dementia and communication difficulties.”


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