EZZ brand EAORON will have six new products stocked in 350 Chemist Warehouse stores across Australia.

Genomic life science company EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) brand EAORON has announced the launch of an updated product line to be stocked in Chemist Warehouse stores across Australia.

The launch will see six new products available in stores nationally from late April with the partnership making EAORON’s products more accessible to consumers, with 350 Chemist Warehouse stores across Australia to stock the upgraded product line.

EAORON’s newest line of products includes the Hyaluronic Acid Glutathione Essence Face Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Glutathione Essence, along with an upgrade to its one-of-a-kind product EAORON HA Collagen Essence V, which now includes four kind of hyaluronic acid.

EAORON’s updated line of products will also be available through Chemist Warehouse’s online store.

EAORON and EZZ sales distribution expands

EZZ has the exclusive distribution rights for the EAORON brand of skin care products to pharmacies, supermarkets and specialist retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, 24 EAORON products are also available on Tmall Global’s Chemist Warehouse store, selling to consumers in mainland China.

As a testament to their commitment to quality, EAORON Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence was awarded the best export seller within the Australian skincare industry in 2016.

EZZ recently announced the launch of its Amazon online store in Australia, along with the release of three new EZZ branded products.

EZZ said the online ecommerce platforms will provide an important distribution channel for both EZZ and EAORON branded products moving forward.

EZZ also recently announced it had entered a tripartite agreement to escalate its anti-ageing, gene research and immunology capabilities.

The company signed a strategic partnership with leading multinational pharmaceutical companies GMP Pharmaceuticals and Natural Innovations Group.

EAORON welcomes Chemist Warehouse deal

“We are delighted to be partnering with Australia’s leading pharmacy retailer to make our products more accessible to a wider audience across Australia,” said EAORON CEO Fernando Rodriguez.

“Our brand is built on providing high-quality skincare products and we are thrilled to expand our reach through this collaboration with Chemist Warehouse.”

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