An Australian life science company that is the exclusive wholesale distributor for the EAORON branded skin care range to pharmacies, supermarkets and specialist retailers in Australia and New Zealand and owns, produces, designs and distributes its own range of consumer health products under the EZZ brand.

The Company has two distinct and synergistic business models: a wholesale distribution model for the EAORON branded products in the skin care segment; and an integrated model including development, production and distribution for the EZZ branded products in the consumer health segment. Synergy is created by selling the EZZ branded products to established distribution channels previously developed from selling the EAORON branded products

EZZ Life Science formulate, produce, market and distribute health supplements under the brand of EZZ, with a focus on products with significant demand from the market by consumers.


  • Glenn Walter Cross, Independent Non Executive Director and Chairman and

    Has 40 years’ experience in the life sciences sector and has held senior executive roles in both multinational and Australian companies. His expertise covers general management, sales, marketing, finance, distribution and manufacturing in the life sciences market. He also has experience in finance, human resources, product development and manufacturing. In recent years he has been involved in capital markets and general investment activities in North America, Asia and Australia. He was the Chief Operating Officer and CEO of AusBiotech (Australia’s life sciences industry association) for over 13 years. He is now a non – executive director of multiple private and public companies and investment funds.

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  • Mark (Qizhou) Qin, Executive Director

    An award winning research analyst and successful business entrepreneur who co-founded a multi award winning marketing consulting firm, CE International. He also authored five books in sales and marketing for the healthcare industry between 2003 and 2008.

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  • Ivan Oshry, Independent Non Executive Director

    Has more than 30 years of experience of legal practice in Australia and internationally, specialising in corporate law. He has acted as legal adviser to multiple IPO transactions, both locally and internationally. Mr. Oshry is a guest speaker at various local and international conferences.

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  • Hao (Lily) Huang, Independent Non-Executive Director

    Has over 20 years of senior management experience in the banking industry. She is a vice president within the investment partnerships division of Citi Group Australia. She was awarded top 10 Australia Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2015.

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