EZZ new Amazon store and product launches continue to build on growth in the growing health supplement market.  

Genomic life science company EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) has announced the launch of its Amazon online store in Australia, along with the release of three new EZZ branded products.

EZZ has officially launched its Amazon online flagship store at Amazon.com.au for Australian consumers.

EZZ has the exclusive distribution rights for the EAORON brand of skin care products to pharmacies, supermarkets and specialist retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2020, the company launched its own internally developed brand of health care supplement products, which it distributes to retailers across Australia, New Zealand, and China.

EZZ said Amazon is recognised as one of Australia’s leading online ecommerce platforms and will provide an important distribution channel for both EZZ and EAORON branded products moving forward.

The company has selected an initial range of 29 key products to be distributed through Amazon, with further products to be added in coming months.

Fifteen of these products are EZZ branded products and 14 are EAORON branded products.

New EZZ products

EZZ continues to develop its own range of targeted health supplements and has released three new products with approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to complement the existing range of EZZ branded products currently in the market.

  • EZZ Children’s Eye Health is a supplement to support eye and macula health in children
  • EZZ Magnesium Plus is a supplement rich in natural magnesium oxide to support nerves and muscles and help keep the body’s immune system balanced
  • EZZ Sugar Metabolism is a nutritional supplement supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates and energy production in the body.

EZZ said the new line of products has been developed for both local consumers in Australia and for export, particularly to Asia, and follows extensive market research.

Tripartite agreement to boost research

EZZ recently announced it had entered a tripartite agreement to escalate its anti-ageing, gene research and immunology capabilities.

The company signed a strategic partnership with leading multinational pharmaceutical companies GMP Pharmaceuticals (GMP) and Natural Innovations Group (NIG).

The partnership aims to develop and bring new products and wellness solutions to the market worldwide, with a focus on improving the health and wellbeing of people.

EZZ has also signed a contract for service agreement with the University of Auckland to conduct research on anti-ageing and immune-stimulation products.

The deal came after the success of a previous study EZZ undertook with the university’s Professor Jun Lu in 2022 which evaluated the absorption of Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and other bioactive compounds in various health products.

R&D directed to high-growth markets

EZZ chairman Glenn Cross said the company was excited to establish a key new distribution channel with Amazon.

Cross said research will continue to be conducted towards high-growth markets.

“Amazon is one of the largest and fastest growing online ecommerce marketplaces in Australia and will form an important part of EZZ’s omnichannel strategy,” he said.

“Our R&D efforts continue to be directed towards supplements in large, high-growth markets and we look forward to further expanding our EZZ product range this year.”

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