• Recce Pharma surges 20pc on anecdotal results
  • Emyria launches a ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) program
  • Race Oncology unveils new corporate strategy


Recce surges on anecdotal results

Recce Pharma (ASX:RCE) raced higher by more than 20% this morning after announcing that its new RECCE 327 Gel (R327G) indicated positive clinical response in the treatment of multiple antibiotic-resistant infections.

R327G was being assessed under the TGA Special Access Scheme Category A (SAS – Category A) by a qualified medical practitioner on patients suffering from antibiotic-resistant Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial infections.

One of the patients in the study, a 70–75-year-old male, had a puncture wound from a metal spike injury. 

Unresponsive to all prior antibiotics, the infection had spread until the point where the patient began preparing for surgical intervention. 

However, after 24 hours of using one dose of R327G, the infection had clinically responded (no pre-treatment wound debridement was required). Furthermore, the redness and swelling of the wound was reduced with no reported stinging at any point. At 30 days post-treatment, the wound had successfully healed and closed.

Another patient was a 72-year-old male with type 2 diabetes, who was unresponsive to all prior antibiotics. His feet had shown significant bacterial infection, redness and swelling.

Upon applying R327G, after seven days, the initial redness and swelling had minimised, with the wound healing and drying up. Day 10 post R327G treatment showed no signs of infection, no signs of pus formation and the wound continuing to clear up and heal.

Recce acknowledged that R327 and R327G are experimental compounds, not market approved for use in humans, with safety and efficacy still to be determined by present clinical studies.

“The results shown must be considered anecdotal, and are only presented in the interest of continuous disclosure obligations and are not part of any present clinical trials,” noted Recce.


Emyria launches ketamine program

Emyria (ASX:EMD) announced the launch of its ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) program, located at the Pax Centre in WA, and with support from newly appointed scientific advisor, Dr Ben Sessa.

Having supervised over 100 KAT sessions, Dr Sessa will help develop unique protocols for Emyria that combine ketamine with integrative psychotherapy for a range of mental health conditions.

Recent Australian research suggested the potential of ketamine as a promising treatment for severe and treatment-resistant depression.

Results from these studies showcased that a significant proportion of participants achieved remission or notable reductions in depressive symptoms following a month-long regimen of ketamine injections. 

However, the therapeutic benefits seem to wane post-discontinuation, indicating the potential need for sustained or periodic treatment to maintain its antidepressant impact.

Emyria’s KAT offering is expected to increase options for patients, and provides them with emerging mental health treatments.


Race Oncology lays out strategy

Meanwhile, Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) has launched its new corporate strategy, detailing the company’s clinical programs and focus on driving lead drug bisantrene’s commercial potential.

Race says the company is committed to developing the bisantrene formulation RC220, with a clinical focus on investigating its anti-cancer properties.

The secondary focus meanwhile would be on pursuing increased anti-cancer/FTO benefits of bisantrene, combined with current standard of care therapies in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

“Race’s revised development program has been designed in such a way that our new bisantrene formulation can fit straight into a global pharmaceutical partner’s pipeline,” explained Race CEO, Damian Clarke-Bruce.

“We have a clear regulatory pathway and a program that is supported by international key opinion leaders, for a drug candidate which has already been shown to improve patients’ lives.”


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