• HeraMED’s first commercial rollout in the US is progressing well
  • Recce Pharma is set to commence Phase I/II clinical trial


Maternity care medtech company, HeraMED (ASX:HMD), says the first phase of its commercial rollout in the US is progressing well.

HeraMED is in the middle of rolling out 1,000 HeraBEAT smart foetal heart rate monitors at E-Lōvu, a leading private medical group across the US.

It’s also rolling out a separate licence for access and utilisation of the HeraCARE platform for 1,000 pregnancies; with total revenues under this initial agreement expected to be around US$550k.

At this stage, E-Lōvu has fully paid and received 200 HeraBEAT’s and HeraCARE licences, and also paid the downpayment for a further 300 units.

HeraMED expects another purchase order for the additional 500 by the end of the quarter, and says the majority of these revenues will be reflected in the company’s Q1 FY23 results.

E-Lōvu’s new care model brings a more modern level of service underpinned by technology for the pregnancy and maternity care market in the US.

The company uses a range of proprietary and patent-pending technologies, for which the HeraCARE platform functions as the backbone.

Insurance companies are starting to broadly reimburse practices for services associated with E-Lōvu’s new technology enabled care model.

“The strategic partnership with E-Lōvu is a very important one for HeraMED, and I believe it carries significant potential for both parties,” said HeraMED CEO and co-founder, David Groberman.


Recce Pharma set to commence Phase 1/2 trial

Recce Pharma (ASX:RCE) has selected South Australia’s CMAX Clinical Research as the independent trial facility to conduct its Phase I/II intravenous (IV) clinical trial of lead drug, RECCE 327 (R327).

The trial will look to evaluate if R327 in human urine could reduce E. coli effectively.

Plasma and urine samples will be collected from 12 patients to evaluate R327’s concentrations and antibacterial effect in the urine on various bacterial strains.

If successful, this trial would be indicative of strong therapeutic potential against UTI infections (simple, complicated and recurring) across all medical treatment settings.

“The opportunity of showcasing R327’s potential to change the treatment paradigm for patients suffering from serious infections, strengthens R327’s position as a fast-acting, broad-spectrum anti-infective,” said Recce CEO, James Graham.

Adelaide’s CMAX facility meanwhile has in the past conducted several successful world-leading research work for local and international clients, specialising in a range of early-phase trials and first-in-human studies.


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