Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies has secured new sales contracts in UAE and Israel as its technology continues to attract attention for optimal and profitable growing of agricultural crops.

Israel-based agtech Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) has  secured  additional  contract  wins  in  the  UAE  and  Israel  for  the  use  of  its  commercial  agriculture technology.

The contract win includes a deal for the supply of Roots’ HEPS (heat exchange probes) cooling solution, as part of a large-scale coffee production project in the UAE.

The win follows the recent signing of a free trade agreement between Israel and the UAE, which aims to lift bilateral trade to more than $10 billion.


EliteAgro deal

The new  sales agreement in the UAE is with EliteAgro – a leading agricultural company headquartered in the UAE with operations in several regional and International jurisdictions.

Under the sales agreement terms, Roots will supply HEPS as part of a root-zone cooling solution for EliteAgro’s Coffee House Murmum project.

HEPS cooling design solutions will cool the root zone temperature of the coffee plants at scale, and keep them at an optimal range year-round.

The total consideration payable to Roots for the HEPS solution was agreed at US$105k  ($151k).


Growing coffee in harsh climate

The  Coffee  House  Murmum  project  is  part  of   multiple  commercial  initiatives  incorporating cutting edge agricultural technologies that offset the harsh climate environment in the UAE.

Roots said its technology is designed to support and facilitate the growth of 9,000 coffee plants in pots, under very hot weather conditions near Dubai.

Coffee plantations are usually grown in tropical regions, however, in the UAE the canopy will be exposed to air temperatures reaching up to 50C during daytime hours.

Coffee plants have a shallow root system, and most roots concentrate around the drip irrigation area.

The company said the roots system is designed to cool the root-zone area with the insertion of two HEPS per pot, maintaining an optimum temperature range under 30C.

The  system  is  controlled  by  a  unique  monitor,  which  operates  as  a  centralised  data  collection  and  data sharing system to control the heat pump operation.

Based on application of its technology and direct experience from previous commercial sales, Roots has  observed  a significant delta between  cooled  roots  and  the  hot  canopy,  which  will accelerate growth and boost the plant’s overall performance.

Furthermore, research has observed that the highest concentration of roots of plants occurred in the distances close to the irrigation drippers.

Roots has established its technology as a market leader among existing covered agriculture climate control  management and cooling technologies, by focusing specifically on the cooling of the roots zone area, which is the most critical variable to plant health.

Compared with existing technologies, such as air cooling in greenhouses,  Roots platform operating  costs  are  significantly  lower  and  preforms  without the negative by-product of  increased  humidity  levels in a greenhousesuch as wet-pad and fogging systems.


Two additional projects in Israel

Meanwhile, two additional contracts have been secured in the Israel market, demonstrating the multi-use application of Roots’ technology for an array of commercial agriculture operations.

The first is a hydroponic fluid temperature stabilisation project in Kibutz Pelech, Western Galilee.

The  project involves commercial plant operation in  a quarter acre greenhouse using the  nutrient film technique method.

The company will supply and install a heating and cooling system that will connect to the growing fluid and provide the ideal temperature for the plant year-round.

Roots has also been commissioned to install a Root Zone Temperature (RZT) system comprising pipes in the beds of Ornithogalum flowers at Gobari Farm in Moshav Azriel.

The technology will be deployed for a farming client that grows flowers, peppers, and cucumbers for sale in domestic markets.

Applying  the  RZT  technology  system will enable their client to  leave  hatches  in  the  growing bed until the next growth cycle instead of refrigerating them during summer, reducing labour costs and supporting profitability.


Growing diversified client base

Roots CEO and Chairman Boaz Wachtel said the project updates highlights the ongoing application of  its sustainable  agriculture  technology  across  a  diversified  client  base.

“In  particular,  the  sale agreement  with  EliteAgro  marks  an  exciting  step  forward  for  the  business,” he said.

“It  demonstrates  both  the  effectiveness  of  Roots’  agricultural  technology  to  improve  production  outcomes  in  harsh  weather  conditions,  as  well  as  the  broader  commercial  opportunities  underpinned  by  the  recent  Israel-UAE  free  trade  agreement.

“The  company  continues to gain traction across global markets for its leading multi-channel product suite.”


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