Port Anthony Renewables is ahead of the pack when it comes to hydrogen deal-making, having locked in its third partnership in just over a month.

This latest deal will see the company become part of an Australian-first international partnership to drive the green energy supply chain.

Port Anthony Renewables has signed a binding joint venture agreement with GrapheneX, which is leading the Victorian Government-backed Clayton Hydrogen Cluster, to build a major hydrogen export facility at Port Anthony in Victoria.

On completion, the proposed Victorian Hydrogen Export Hub (VH2Ex) is expected to produce and store up to 100 tonnes of green renewable hydrogen per day.

The facility would produce hydrogen for fuelling vehicles, including cars, buses and trucks; hydrogen and oxygen for domestic markets; and hydrogen for export.

It is the third in a series of deals that Port Anthony Renewables has successfully negotiated in a bid to establish itself as a leader in the green hydrogen space and build the largest green energy hub for South Eastern Australia.

The company earlier this year secured deals with Pure Hydrogen and Patriot Hydrogen to build two separate hydrogen production facilities at Port Anthony, located 180km southeast of Melbourne.

This latest deal with GrapheneX essentially brings Port Anthony Renewables into the Clayton Hydrogen Cluster fold.

Swinburne University of Technology has partnered with big names including GrapheneX, CSIRO, Beyond H2, Hydrogen 2.0, Sumitomo and Port Anthony Renewables in Australia, and internationally with Germany’s ARENA2036 and Cleantech Japan Inc to drive green hydrogen supply chain development.

Port Anthony Renewables executive director Ben Anthony said the deal represented a cornerstone of the company’s operations, as it enabled the participation of such a wide and diverse group in the technological and logistical aspects of the Port Hydrogen Hub.

“Port Anthony Renewables has a firm mindset; in that not only will it operate as an open access Hydrogen Hub, but build a culture of collaboration between areas of science research, industry, local community, and environment.

“We look forward to acting as a conduit for the Hydrogen Hub in the reciprocal exchange of ideas and innovation whilst meeting the exciting challenges of the fast-paced emerging hydrogen fuel economy.”

Hydrogen will be big business for Australia

Hydrogen is a major focus for Australia, with the CSIRO releasing a National Hydrogen Roadmap and the Australian government putting in place its National Hydrogen Strategy.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency estimates global demand for hydrogen exported from Australia could be over 3 million tonnes each year by 2040, which could be worth up to $10bn annually to the economy by that time.

“The unique hydrogen capability and world-class facilities are central for overcoming the challenges in hydrogen upscaling and commercialisation,” GrapheneX founder and managing director Stephen Wee said.

“We look forward to the Clayton Hydrogen Technology Cluster bringing together industry stakeholders, engineers and scientists in developing technological capabilities in the areas of cost-effective hydrogen production, storage and distribution infrastructure, to enable Australia’s leading position in the global hydrogen industry.”


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