Big agriculture companies don’t often make the list of directors trades above $100,000 but in recent weeks they have.

Three buys came from Rural Funds Trust (ASX:RFF) which is an agriculture focused Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

REITs essentially operate like an ETF on exchange except its underlying assets are real world properties rather than other securities.

Two of the buys came from David Bryant who bought just over $500,000 worth in a rights issue on 22 July and another $1.26 million worth on August 4.

The other trade came from Leslie Paynter who bought $458,447 worth on July 22.

Also buying from the agriculture sector were Neil Chatfield and Harry Debney from avocado grower Costa Group (ASX:CGC), purchasing $177,726 and $139,626 respectively – also in a rights issue.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
BHD Benjamin Hornigold Michael Glennon Buy 27 July 299,000 $101,660 On market
EPY Earlypay Geoffrey Sam Sell 21 July 300,000 $150,376 On market
CXX Cradles Resources Grant Davey Buy 22 July 2,174,138 $165,590 On market
RFF Rural Funds Trust David Bryant Buy 22 July 204,428 $504,937 Rights
RFF Rural Funds Trust Leslie Paynter Buy 22 July 185,606 $458,447 Rights
LTR Liontown Resources David Richards Sell 22 July 1,140,000 $918,840 On market
CGC Costa Group Neil Chatfield Buy 28 July 59,242 $177,726 Rights
CGC Costa Group Harry Debney Buy 28 July 46,542 $139,626 Rights
AFW ApplyFlow Philip Crutchfield Buy 30 July 49,500,000 $247,500 Rights
AFW ApplyFlow John Winters Buy 30 July 53,678,644 $268,393 Rights
ANO AnteoTech Geoff Cumming Sell 2 August 500,000 $112,500 On market
ASM Aus Strategic Minerals David Chalmers Sell 29 Jul 122,484 $1,030,090 Off market
ASM Aus Strategic Minerals Nicholas Earner Sell 29 July 575,499 $4,839,947 Off market
GGX Gas2Grid Patrick Yue Sell 2 August 203,626,707 $407,253 Off market
RFF Rural Funds Trust David Bryant Buy 4 August 510,000 $1,259,700 Rights
CHN Chalice Mining Alex Dorsch Sell 4 August 500,000 $3,650,000 On market
EBG Eumundi Group Joseph Ganim Sell 25 May 716,631 $716,631 Off market
CHN Chalice Mining Morgan Ball Sell 5 August 50,000 $351,180 On market
ODY Odyssey Gold Levi Mochkin Buy 5 August 4,000,000 $359,639 On market
DNK Danakali Seamus Cornelius Buy 6 August 1,000,000 $430,000 Placement
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Resources traders

The vast majority of other trades came from the resources sector.

Two of the biggest success stories have been Chalice (ASX:CHN) and Liontown (ASX:LTR), both having grown over 4,000% in the past two-and-a-half years.

But both saw directors sell shares, albeit to fund the exercise of either options or performance rights, or just pay the associated tax bill. David Richards of Liontown sold just over 1.1 million ($900,000) on July 22 only to acquire 3 million a few days later to exercise options.

It was a similar story for Chalice’s Morgan Ball, who sold 50,000 shares only to acquire 150,000 thanks to options. Alex Dorsch sold 500,000 shares and got back over 1 million.

Australian Strategic Minerals (ASX:ASM) directors David Chalmers and Nicholas Earner sold $1.03 million and $4.84 million respectively in  purely on market share trades.

Meanwhile in the smaller cap resources sector it was purely buying activity.

Cradle Resources’ (ASX:CXX) Grant Davey spent just over $165,000 on market and Odyssey Gold (ASX:ODY) Levi Mochkin spent just over $359,000 on market.

In the potash sector Danakali (ASX:DNK), Seamus Cornelius bought $430,000 worth in a placement.