There’s now an easy way for self-managed super funds (SMSFs) to gain exposure to both cryptocurrency and precious metals.

Dacxi chief executive Ian Lowe is emphatic about it – his company is an investing platform, not a trading platform.

“And the difference, of course, is that a trader typically makes lots of smaller trades, and is buying and selling the same assets in short periods for small margins,” he says.

“An investor using a wealth platform like ours is making larger investments much less frequently.

“And they’re really doing them medium to long term.”

The one-to-three year timeframe means Dacxi’s platform is especially suited for investors who are trying to save their nest egg for retirement.

With its Dacxi Bundles, the Sydney-based company makes it easy and accessible to invest in a curated selection of blue chip crypto assets with a single purchase.

“From our perspective, it’s really important is that somebody understands which of those assets present as investable cryptocurrencies,” says Lowe.

Investable simply means that they’ve been vetted, have a understandable use case and their underlying business has been validated, he explains.

For example, Ethereum tokens allow users to pay for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, a global network for decentralised applications with tremendous network effects.

“They’re a little bit like infrastructure providers in the telecommunications industry,” Lowe says. “And the adoption by other parties of their technology is ubiquitous and increasing.”

So that’s a simple example of a cryptocurrency that has a bright future ahead of it – and Ethereum makes up 20 per cent of Dacxi’s Blue Chip Bundle.

Those are the kind of cryptos that Dacxi offers, Lowe says – “a curated subset of investment opportunities that have been vetted and assessed against a set of criteria, and we’ve determined that they are investable assets.”

You won’t, for example, find doggy meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu on Dacxi’s platform.

All that glimmers…

Dacxi doesn’t just offer SMSF customers exposure to cryptocurrencies – it also offers tokenised precious metals.

“This is essentially a digital token, that’s a legally binding representation of ownership of underlying precious metals, which could be gold or silver or platinum,” Lowe says.

Similar to its crypto bundles, Dacxi offers precious metal bundles which offers exposure to gold, silver and platinum (plus Dacxi Coin).

“The whole idea of this is that rather than just being a destination where self-managed super funds could acquire crypto, we’re also offering them frictionless entry into precious metals.”


In traditional markets, getting access to physical assets such as gold is “a slightly clunky proposition”, Lowe said.

So in the context, its new platform offers the benefits of precious metals and the store of value they provide, in a simpler format which leverages modern investment technologies.

Lowe says Dacxi has had a “tremendous response” to its precious metals bundle, with the company seeing a +400% increase in precious metals investments in Q4 of 2021 following an awareness campaign.

For more information, visit Dacxi’s website.

This article was developed in collaboration with Dacxi, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.
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