• Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse has pulled in another huge sum of funding from top investors, including Polygon Ventures and Dapper Labs
  • This new round boosts the total capital raising for the project to US$31.88 million


Special Report: Animoca Brands, a top Web3 firm focused on gaming, digital property rights and the open metaverse, has announced a further big raise for its highly anticipated Mocaverse project.  

In September, Animoca Brands completed a US$20 million raise for its Mocaverse project, which the company describes as an “interoperable meta experience layer for Web3 identity, social and growth”.

More on that in a sec, but the crux of the news here is that the influential Web3 company is at it again, managing to pull in another significant amount amid growing excitement for the project.

It raised US$11.88 million from prominent investors in the space, in a second tranche to build it all out further.


What is the Mocaverse?

Animoca Brands’ CFO Jared Shaw possibly explained it best when he told Stockhead in September: “It’s a collection of NFTs and a Web3 platform, through which we’re developing an ID system that essentially works for users as ‘frequent flyer miles for Web3’, focused on users’ onchain activity.

“So if we can onboard users into that, then we’ll start tracking their onchain activity but it’ll be anonymous – unlike the data users give up to the likes of Facebook et al in the Web2 world,” Shaw added.

Re the NFTS, Animoca Brands has launched 8,888 Ethereum NFTs profile pictures (PFPs) that act as entry passes into the Mocaverse.

Animoca Brands views this latest funding as “further validation of the vision of Mocaverse to establish and serve as the empowerment layer for Web3 culture and entertainment, facilitating seamless onboarding and sustained growth for Web3 projects.”

And as part of this vision, Mocaverse is creating the Web3 Frequent Player Program, a loyalty system powered by Mocaverse loyalty points (“Realm Points”).

Essentially, Mocaverse users will create their own digital identity – a Moca ID, “accrue reputation”, and earn and spend Realm Points by engaging within the Mocaverse ecosystem.

And that’s a vast ecosystem comprising Animoca Brands’ ever-growing portfolio of 400+ companies along with a partner network that has more than 700 million addressable users.


Who participated in the raise?

Various sophisticated and professional investors took part in this second tranche of capital raising, including, among others, Block1, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Polygon Ventures and Dapper Labs.

In both tranches Animoca Brands raised the funds via the issue of new ordinary shares at a price per share of A$4.50.

Recently, Ubisoft, a major game publisher, revealed that it would be collaborating with Mocaverse on its upcoming Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles – a PVP tactical RPG game that incorporates NFTs.


This article was developed in collaboration with Animoca Brands, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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