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Morning Coinheads.

Bitcoin got a little broken overnight, but stablecoins didn’t. The poms also took a stick to BTC business as the Fear and Greed index came into play.

China is back being blockchain-y, expanding its digital yuan trials across a few more first and second tier cities and the team at are across that one too.

We talk de-centralised Hollywood, now there’s DIVIDENDS in BTC (!) and have you met the Top Five Meme Coins by Market Cap?

It’s Friday morning in Sydney, let’s do this thing.


US market close: Litecoin bucks trend, trades green

The prominent cryptocurrencies were mostly lower at the close of US markets on Thursday with Bitcoin 1.1% lower, and Ethereum 3.8% in the red.  Keeping the light on: Litecoin up 0.4%.

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu climb 2%-3% after AMC CEO tweet

And to the fore, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rose 2% to 3% higher on Thursday afternoon in the US, after AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron confirmed a first-quarter  implementation schedule for accepting the coins in a tweet earlier in the day.


BTC dips below $43k, triggers selloff

Bitcoin did drop below $43,000 per unit on Thursday, triggering a broader selloff in the cryptocurrency markets. Popular assets from Polkadot to Solana had all lost more than 10% of their value, while stablecoins proved to be the lone winners.

One reason for the broad sell-off was the release of minutes from the December meeting of US Federal Reserve’s policymaking body.


BTCS stock spikes 40% after offering dividend in Bitcoin

BTCS stock jumped almost 70% after the “pure-play” blockchain IT company announced shareholders would have the option to  receive quarterly dividends in Bitcoin and disclosed that its cash and digital asset holdings offered a break-up value 12.6% greater than its 2021 year-end share price.


UK crypto news: BTC crashes to $42K with fear and greed index spike

The UK cryptocurrency market sank 9.27% over the last 24 hours of trading. The fear and greed index, which tracks sentiment among cryptocurrency market participants, pinned the current mood at 15. (1 shows extreme fear and 100 extreme greed.)


China expands digital yuan trials

China took another step in the development of its sovereign digital currency after it allowed users in several more cities to  download the e-CNY wallet app. The app can now be downloaded through iOS and Android app stores. Trials began last year.


New HollywoodDAO aims to decentralise TV, film financing

A new decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) recently launched with the aim of  disrupting the entertainment industry by creating “a streaming service with the content funded and produced on the platform.” Hollywood players are already involved.


Top 5 meme coins: Which are the largest by market cap?

Meme coins shot to prominence in 2021, as they gained popularity on social media and responded to comments by the likes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The team break it down like this – what are they and could they be an attractive investment this year? Take a look at the top five meme cryptocurrency coins by market capitalisation.


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