Vulcan Energy Resources is aiming to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility, through its world-first Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project for electric vehicle batteries, and its renewable energy business.

Backed by a team of world-renowned experts in chemistry, engineering and geology, we aim to produce the world’s first, premium, battery-quality lithium chemicals with zero carbon footprint. We will work in harmony with the environment by harnessing renewable geothermal energy to drive lithium production, while strictly excluding fossil fuels from process development. Our unique extraction process creates a surplus of renewable energy and can provide a source of power and heat for local communities, decarbonising the grid.

Our combined deep geothermal and lithium brine resource is Europe’s largest lithium resource, located in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany. Our resource is large enough to satisfy Europe’s lithium needs for many years to come and ensure the transition to electric vehicles is done with minimal impact on the environment. Vulcan is focused on delivering the Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project and is targeting phase one production in 2024.


  • Dr. Francis Wedin | Managing Director and Founder CEO

    Francis, a battery materials and renewable energy industry executive, founded Vulcan Energy because he believed the transition to electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries could be improved.

    Francis was previously Executive Director of ASX-listed Exore Resources, where he developed two new lithium resources, on two continents.

    Bilingual with a PhD and BSc (Hons) in geology and an MBA in renewables, Francis is a keen endurance athlete, competing in Ironman triathlon and ultra-marathon events

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  • Gavis Rezos | Chairman

    Gavin has extensive international investment and banking experience, including as an Executive Chair/CEO of two companies that grew from start-ups to the ASX 300.

    As an investment banking Director of HSBC, Gavin held senior multi-regional roles in investment banking, legal and compliance functions in London, Sydney and Dubai.

    He is currently Chair of Resource and Energy Group, principal of Viaticus Capital and Non-Executive Director of Kuniko Limited.

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  • Dr. Horst Kreuter | Co-Founder and CEO Germany

    Ex-CEO of Geothermal Group Germany GmbH and GeoThermal Engineering GmbH (GeoT), Horst is the co- Founder of Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium™ Project. Having led the successful development and permitting of geothermal projects in Germany and internationally, Horst has a widespread political, investor and industry network in Germany and Europe.

    Horst is based in Karlsruhe, local to Vulcan’s project area in the Upper Rhine Valley.

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  • Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles | Chief Commercial Officer

    Previously Executive Director – Corporate Strategy at Infinity Lithium Corporation, Vincent led the project to become the first to secure EU funding. He was also appointed as a Lithium Expert by the European Commission.

    He previously worked at IHS Markit where he led the lithium and battery materials research team covering the entire industry’s supply chain from raw materials to E-mobility.

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