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In this episode, Justin talks with Tamsin Lapointe and Tori Huxtable, founders of game-changing real estate app Auction Snitch.

Auction Snitch, a new tech play aimed at arming property buyers and sellers with inside information, has officially launched in Sydney with plans to roll out nationally.

The app allows users to anonymously update or “snitch” real-time data on property price guides, sale prices and auction results. That information isn’t always available as agents want you to contact them so they can get your name and your number. It’s a clumsy system that hasn’t changed in 30 years, until now.

Key features of the Auction Snitch app:

Search Listings – With a focus on upcoming and recent auctions, the listings are displayed and searchable by suburb or postcode.

Snitching – Users can share market information including price guides, auction results and hot-off-the-press sold prices in real time and anonymously.

Voting – To ensure the reliability of the information shared, the app incorporates a voting system. Users can upvote or downvote the snitched information, thereby helping to validate the accuracy of the data and increase overall confidence in the app’s content.

Comprehensive Sales Campaign Tracking – The app offers an in-depth view of a property’s sales campaign history. Users can monitor significant events such as the initial listing date, any changes in price guides, postponed or cancelled auctions, and the final auction results.

Personalised Bookmarks – Users can bookmark specific property listings. This feature enables easy tracking and revisiting of properties of interest, streamlining the property search process.