• Magnetic levitation of a car was just successfully tested on a Chinese highway
  • AI player CrowdMedia extends agreement for Talking Heads proof of concept
  • Automotive software company InfoMedia says no binding buyout proposals have been forthcoming

Maglev – or magnetic levitation – was just used to float 2.8-tonne car 35 millimetres above the road on highway in East China’s Jiangsu province.

The tech is commonly used in trains but the Southwest Jiaotong University reckons it could be good for cars, once they sort out that wobble.

A permanent magnet array was installed on the car and the road was laid with conductor rail that allowed the car to levitate – even hitting speeds of up to 230km per hour.

If perfected, the tech could potentially help reduce energy consumption and increase the driving range of cars, the Univeristy says.

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AI company Crowd Media has extended its agreement with media search company SrcFlare after successfully delivering a Talking Head Proof of Concept (PoC) for integration into SrcFlare’s marketing platform to optimise customer acquisition funnels and lead generation.

The PoC generated more than USD $100k revenue for company in three months and validated the application of conversational AI to reduce online lead generation costs, CM8 says. 

The companies are confident there’s a larger revenue opportunity in the media search space by upscaling the POC and applying conversational AI in higher volumes – and have now entered a new HOA to extend the POC for a further three months with increased budget guidelines.

To accommodate the increased volume of traffic under the HOA extension, the licensing fee payable to Crowd Media will increase to US$55,000 for three months ending 30 November 2022. 



The automotive software company has had three buyout bids since May, and says it’s yet to receive a binding proposal from Solera (an automotive risk management software company) or the TA Consortium (comprising TA Associates and Viburnum Funds) to acquire 100% of Infomedia for $1.70 per share.

“While the Board remains open to engaging further with Solera and/or the TA Consortium should they submit an Acceptable Binding Proposal, it has determined that management time, focus and resources should return to being wholly directed towards execution of the company’s growth strategy,” IFM said. 



The semiconductor player says silicon enrichment testing has commenced in the third and final stage of the Zero-Spin Silicon (ZS-Si) project after the commissioning of a pilot demonstration facility at the company’s Lucas Heights technology centre 

ZS-Si is a form of very high purity enriched silicon – a key enabling material for the fabrication of next generation quantum processor chips which will drive ultra-powerful silicon quantum computers. 

The aim of the project is to demonstrate commercial production capability using a variant of the SILEX laser technology, and to provide a path to a secure and resilient supply chain free of dependence on Russian-sourced material.

Enrichment and initial production tests are expected to be completed by the end of CY22, and if the project is successful, SLX says it will be in good position to scale-up production from the Stage 3 facility with the aim of producing initial quantities of ZS-Si for sale in 2023. 



The employee software company has launched Reach Zero – which addresses the relationship between employer and their employees relating to climate action – in the US at a major climate event in New York City for New York Climate Week.

Advances in regulation are forcing companies to start getting serious about their net-zero goals, and the company says research into the Employee Experience market conclusively showed that in a post-pandemic world people were far more inclined to work for companies that had a greater purpose, with climate action being very high on the priorities.

As part of its partnership with My Net Zero, a carbon and climate change platform, the companies are launching the Climate Engagement Tracker, a tool that will help enterprises get a better understanding of their employees’ sentiment, motivations, actions and barriers towards climate change and personal climate actions.

The resulting data is helping organisations to gather the insights to make better business decisions around their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies.

The data will also help LiveTiles build Employee Climate Action Plans for organisations, specifically and individually tailored to the climate action aspirations of their employees, supported and incentivised by the business. 


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