ASX-listed Water Resources Group is testing a mailbox sized air purifier that can kill airborne diseases like Anthrax with 99.98 per cent accuracy.

Water Resources (ASX:WRG) has released results for its new Bluemist system – a small box which it says can eliminate airborne pathogens ranging from the black plague to influenza.

“We are not aware of any other product that comprehensively kills viruses, germs and bacteria, and also removes odours and submicron particulate matter,” the group told investors on Tuesday.

The air purifier eliminates bacillus subtilis endospores which it says are “routinely used as a surrogate for weaponised anthrax”.

Anthrax attacks caused widespread panic in the early 2000s after letters laced with the disease were mailed to US offices killing five people and infecting a further 17.

But Water Resources Group – soon to be renamed Purifloh Limited – thinks it’s got a solution.

Tests show the technology is 98 per cent more effective than household air filters, the company said.

“This is very significant in that many dangerous pathogens and toxic chemicals such as smoke and soot fall in this range.

“The company plans to develop and release a range of applications that are powered by the technology.”

The prototype airfilter (left) and a proposed production sized product. Pic: Water Resources


The final product will be developed in portable and induct configurations.

Water Resources is now looking for a commercial partner to tackle what it believes is a $26 billion market.

Demand is driven by factors such as increasing urbanisation, more stringent regulation and higher incidence of health problems related to indoor air quality.

Water Resources had about $710,000 in the bank at the end of December.

Water Resources Group (WRG) shares over the past three months.
Water Resources Group (WRG) shares over the past three months.