Seasoned financial advisor, investment manager and corporate director Dr Nigel Finch is back in the radio booth for another instalment of The StockDoc Podcast.

This week, the good doctor sits down with Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber (ASX:DUB).

Dubber offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) scalable call recording solution which has been adopted as core network infrastructure by over 110 service providers globally.

In early February, Dubber signed an agreement with Telstra giving customers of the Aussie telecommunications giant access to Dubber’s Call Recording and Data Capture Platform for business telephony and mobile.

The deal adds to the company’s already impressive list of deals with telecommunications players, which boasts big names like Sprint and Cisco.

Dr Finch caught up with Steve to discuss all things AI call recording, Telstra deals and 2020 action. So click play below to tune in!

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