• Purchase orders for $165,000 worth of e-Compressors to Hyliion Holdings
  • Another $185,000 secured for Phase 2 non-refundable engineering fees and samples
  • G Series blower rollout progressing at pace


Special Report: Air compressor innovation company Sprintex has gained $350,000 in purchase orders and engineering fees for its clean energy air compressors and associated technology programs.

Sprintex (ASX:SIX) is a clean air compressor engineering, research and product development tech company that designs and manufactures electric and mechanically-driven clean air compressors for a range of applications.

An initial ~$165,000 purchase order from US-based clean energy generator solutions business Hyliion Holdings for SIX’s high-speed e-Compressors for  a clean energy power generation program

It’s also secured ~$185,000 in fees for Phase 2 Non-Refundable Engineering fees and samples for an ongoing project which, if successful, production is anticipated to begin in 2027.


Promising e-Compressor market

Numerous samples of SIX’s e-Compressors have been supplied to more than 15 clean energy programs within the last year, with some of those programs anticipating a demand of +200 units this year.

The compressors accommodate both hydrogen and non-hydrogen fuelled initiatives, demonstrating flexibility with alternate fuels such as compressed natural gas, biogas, methanol or ammonia.


G Series blower rollout progresses

SIX is putting a high priority on rolling out its G Series high-speed industrial blowers and says momentum is gaining within the traditional industrial blower market for clean energy solutions.

The G Series is attracting significant interest from various sectors, including wastewater aeration, aquaculture and fish farming, PCB (electronics) and semiconductor industries, industrial processes, food and beverage production, and more.

The company has introduced another popular size to the G15 range, offering a 7.5kW option which provides higher flow and lower pressure to suit many existing applications.

SIX reckons dealers and distributors in the mainland China market anticipate replacing at least 5,000 units, ranging from 3.5kW to 7.5kW currently in operation with the highly efficient Sprintex G series.

This transition is expected to save end-user customers up to 40% in energy and operating costs.

Australia, New Zealand and other markets foresee more than 2000 replacements annually with the G series.

Negotiations for exclusive distribution in the UK and non-exclusive distribution of the G series in Europe are progressing well.

To meet increasing demand, the SIX plans to expand production facilities for the G Series during the second half of calendar 2024.

This expansion aims to provide additional capacity for the Middle East and Indian subcontinent regions.


Bridging the gap

SIX managing director Jay Upton says the company is contributing to the emergence of ‘hybrid’ clean energy advancements.

“By ‘hybrid’, I refer to a significant progression towards hydrogen fuel, fostering the introduction of more efficient technologies without the need for extensive hydrogen infrastructure,” Upton says.

“This development is crucial in bridging the current gap towards widespread adoption of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles and machinery.

“Additionally, we are excited to see so many applications emerging for the G Series.

“Sprintex has moved into the clean air sector over the past three years, and now offers clean air supply devices which have the best efficiency and offer the end users the lowest operating cost per hour, and ultimately the cheapest clean air available.

“The clean air market is immense in every geographical region of the world, and will easily consume all the product we are able to manufacture at the present time.”




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