Sprintex says it’s accelerating towards delivery of several of the projects it’s had on the boil in recent months, including its e-Compressors and supercharger systems. 

The WA-based air compressor engineering, research, product development and manufacturing company has provided an update on several of its key products, and is very pleased to announce that it has begun to receive customer orders for new products as well.

First cab off the rank for Sprintex (ASX:SIX) is it has delivered samples of the 6kW, 10kW and 25kW e-Compressors to UK-based Aeristech, and the feedback from Aeristech has been overwhelmingly positive.

Those samples have been supplied to a number of end customers for applications including air compressors in fuel cell systems and HVAC compressors for battery cooling in electric vehicle systems. Sprintex says it will have every sample of its new systems in the hands of its UK teammate by the end of August.

That delivery comes off the back of the recently-announced deal with Aeristech to design two innovative new electric compressors for separate Tier 1 global automotive manufacturers.

On top of that news is a glimpse into another market opportunity for Sprintex, which says it’s received a purchase order for a new 5kW fuel cell compressor project.

That customer has already stumped up CNY 140,000 (~$33,000) for the aerodynamics design and five initial sample units to be manufactured, which the company is feeling positive about leading to more business down the road.

“Our projects are tracking well and we are looking forward to delivering on our numerous programmes,” Sprintex managing director Jay Upton says.


World leaders in compressor tech

Sprintex also says that it’s set and ready to rock with the build of the first production-ready version of an axial flow industrial e-Compressor by the end of July.

This will utilise a Sprintex patented axial flow e-Compressor, powered by a customised high-speed 3-phase motor convertor, delivering over 98% efficiency.

It’s all built from groundwork laid by Sprintex’s development of world-leading, high efficiency compressors that it has been spruiking since earlier this year.


New products ready to spin

Sprintex will release its patented S15i 3kW e-Compressor platform in July, which features a highly efficient air-cooled motor and integrated controller, and weighs just 3-3.5kg, depending on application.

This platform has applications in fuel cells for forklift trucks and light commercial vehicles, and with an additional plug and play control – and the 1.5kW to 3kW DC version can also be used as an electric supercharger for aftermarket performance in smaller capacity internal combustion engines.

Sprintex says the 3kW to 4kW AC version is suitable for use as a general-purpose e-Compressor for water aeration, clean air delivery, hot drying (food processing) and vacuum devices, and can ship with optional remote-control function, operated via mobile phones.


Revving up for offroad

 There’s also big news for rev-heads and rock crawlers, with the supercharger department at Sprintex delivering units to get Jeep drivers motoring along faster than ever.

The company says that it has delivered the first of its generation 2 supercharger systems for the Jeep Wrangler JK, JL and JT variants (from 2012-2022) during the month of June.

But it’s not just the Jeep-lovers who are getting a boost, with the company very close to completing its Toyota Tacoma supercharger system, which will be unveiled at the SEMA Automotive convention in November of 2022.


Showing off in China

As if it wasn’t busy enough in the past few months, the company has also prepped and shipped a state of the art waste-water aeration e-compressor set, which is headed to buyers Nanjing RGE.

Once there, Nanjing RGE wil set it up to show off at a major environmental equipment exhibition in July, forwarding the customisation (deposit) fee of CNY 500,000(~A$110,000) to Sprintex once the unit has demonstrated its basic function and performance, in accordance with the Nanjing RGE agreement.

Jay Upton points out that, as exciting as this is for the company, it’s also the next step in a $6.3m (minimum) supply contract with Nanjing RGE, a leading manufacturer of waste water treatment equipment, as announced to the market on 25 October 2021.


Keeping cool and warming up

And finally, Sprintex has been working hard on delivering a 6kW HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) e-Compressor initial design, which it says will revolutionise the home air conditioning market.

The design incorporates a 150,000rpm ultra-high-speed two stage compressor assembly that can reach a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.0 for 60ºC temperature difference between the condenser and evaporator of a heat pump system, which is capable of heating domestic hot water during winter.

While Sprintex is in collaboration with Aeristech, Sprintex will also have its own motor design and customised AC inverter for heat pump systems (as the Sprintex industrial e-Compressor does), offering Sprintex the opportunity to enter the heat pump market, in the event Sprintex can validate the market feasibility and viability.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Sprintex has also built up R&D and Production facilities in Malaysia, Suzhou China and Detroit USA, ready to do business and get its world-leading tech onto the global stage.


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