• Sprintex signs evaluation agreement with leading US vacuum pump and blower manufacturer
  • Evaluation could lead to significant orders of its G15 commercial blowers
  • More than 100 companies added to database following key industry exhibition in May
  • Several new evaluation orders received


Special Report: Sprintex has taken a key step forward in supplying its G15 commercial blowers to a leading US vacuum pump and blower manufacturer after signing an evaluation contract.

The G series blowers are designed for efficient and reliable movement of air at high speeds for use in wastewater treatment, aquaculture, paper milling, and pharmaceuticals.

Sprintex’s (ASX:SIX) G15 blowers are more than 35% more energy efficient than conventional blowers thanks to the use of smart pulse aeration technology, its own patented motor design, and high efficiency impellers.

They are also capable of automated operation and are claimed by the company to be the most compact in the industry.

The company recently secured a cumulative $3.6m in loan funding to ramp up production of its blowers following an increase in demand from customers.


The G15 blower. Pic: Sprintex


Evaluation agreement

SIX has now reached an agreement to supply G15 blowers for evaluation to a leading global designer and manufacturer of vacuum pumps and blowers headquartered in the US along with additional units to several other customers.

These units will be tested internally by the customers before they potentially switch specifications to the G15 blowers.

The company believes these evaluations have the potential to lead to significant annual purchases, underscoring the market’s strong interest in its innovative solutions.

Additionally, the evaluation agreement initiates a strategic partnership which represents a significant private label opportunity for Sprintex as the US company has extensive distribution channels and a large customer base.

It is also in discussions with other OEM manufacturers who are interested in private label opportunities.


High interest

SIX notes that it added over 100 interested companies to its database and received several evaluation orders following a successful attendance at IFAT Munich in May this year.


Companies that have ordered samples for testing are:

  • Martin Membrane Systems: A Wilo Group company, specialising in on-vessel (ship) wastewater treatment, integrating SIX’s energy-efficient solutions into their systems;
  • MAT Filtration: Known for their advanced filtration technologies, with divisions in filtration, wastewater treatment, aquariums, and aquaculture, testing the integration of the G series blowers with a focus on detailed energy consumption comparisons;
  • Equimar: A Mexican company specialising in industrial equipment and materials; and
  • Flexbio Technologie: A German company focused on sustainable biological solutions that is attracted by the size, weight, and energy efficiency of the G15 blowers.


Separately, the company has secured an initial order of 10 G15 units from “Fresh by Design” to supply Tassal Group, Australia’s largest seafood producer, following successful evaluations.

It is also collaborating with a Netherlands-based company to develop a custom compressor to integrate with their ammonia reducing technology for agriculture in response to the Dutch government mandated limits on ammonia emissions from animal manure.

“We are excited to confirm that Sprintex Limited has commenced supplying our G15 commercial blowers for evaluation by leading developers of advanced blower technologies,” managing director Jay Upton said.

“This includes an evaluation agreement with a prominent global designer and manufacturer of vacuum pumps and blowers based in the United States, along with additional units supplied to several other customers.

“These evaluations underscore the market’s strong interest in our innovative energy efficient solutions and represent a significant private label opportunity for Sprintex.”



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