The latest deal with Aeristech means that Sprintex is increasingly being recognised as a go to energy technology design and development provider in the rapidly growing e-Compressor market.

Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) continues to strengthen its position at the forefront of the compressor and supercharger industry with ever newer technologies and designs.

The company has just been commissioned by its world leading UK-based technology partner, Aeristech, to design two innovative new electric compressors for two separate Tier 1 global automotive manufacturers.

This includes an ultra-high speed 4kW two stage e-Compressor, and an ultra-speed HVAC refrigerant compressor.

The new agreement follows the launching of Sprintex’s new, compact high-speed electric compressor range in February.

That launch marked the first time in the industry a 100,000rpm high-speed electric motor has ever been used in a 30kW commercial air compressor.

In today’s deal, Aeristech will pay Sprintex non-recurrent engineering fees, and an initial tooling development cost of RMB 524,000 (around $112k) for the two design programs, with a 50% deposit payable prior to commencement.

Design and validation work for both programs are expected to commence immediately, and be completed within 12 weeks.


What are these new compressors?

The ultra-high speed 4kW two stage e-Compressor will be a 160,000rpm ultra-high speed two stage e-Compressor capable of high-pressure output for advanced fuel cell applications.

The 4kW air compressor will enable a denser oxygen-rich air feed to the cell stack, offering higher overall efficiency for a fuel cell than is achievable from current fuel cell technology.

The ultra-speed HVAC refrigerant compressor meanwhile, is an ultra-speed HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Condition) refrigerant compressor, suitable for domestic and industrial heat pump applications.

It’s also intended for battery, motor and system cooling as well as cabin air-conditioning in electric vehicles.

The HVAC refrigerant compressor unit will be approximately 8kw of input power, producing up to 35kW of heating capacity.

Sprintex says the collaboration for future volume production is currently under negotiation between itself and Aeristech.

“We are proud to be chosen for this development by Aeristech, who are currently considered a world leader in e-Compressor and electric motor technology,” says Sprintex CEO, Jay Upton.

“I’m excited to have our team recognised in this current rapidly advancing market segment, as a competent energy technology design and development provider,” he added.


Already on the go in Suzhou

Meanwhile, testing of the first samples of the Sprintex Aeristech fuel cell air compressor range is currently underway at Aeristech’s UK facilities.

The purpose of the testing is to validate Factory Acceptance Tests from its newly established test facility in the Suzhou R&D and production facility in China.

The 1,500 sq metre Suzhou facility just outside Shanghai was opened in June, and has been earmarked to become Sprintex’s  engineering centre and production base in China, with a production capacity of 50,000 units per annum of high-speed electric compressors.


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