Sprintex is launching a new, ground-breaking air compressor and completing the first batch of its supercharger components for Jeep.

Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) has made rapid, world-beating progress in the last few months, including launching  a new industrial air compressor.

The supercharger specialist is ready for the public launch of its new, compact high-speed electric compressor range which it says offers exceptional efficiency.

It will be the first time in the industry a 100,000rpm high-speed electric motor has ever been used in a 30kW commercial air compressor, enabling Sprintex to select the mixed-flow design for the compressor.


Record highs

With less flow path restrictions at high flow rates, the mixed-flow compressor pushes the aerodynamic efficiency to a record high of 84% for an air compressor — which is 9% higher than the best radial air compressors with similar power levels currently available in the  market.


Better, cheaper, more reliable

This, Sprintex says, allows for a more compact and reliable air compressor that is cheaper to produce.

In addition, Sprintex utilised advanced cooling methods to save another 3% power consumption over common air-cooling methodology, which typically wastes power into the

discharged air.

This innovation offers the world’s best efficiency for industrial air compressors, yielding the potential for 12% of electricity saving over equivalent capacity currently available in the market.

A patent protection of the key design elements has been filed by the company.

“We’re very pleased with the stellar progress made in the new e-Compressor division since its inception just 8 months ago,” says Sprintex CEO Jay Upton.

“It’s refreshing to see our vibrant and enthusiastic engineering team realise milestone after milestone in their aggressive development program,” he said.


Aeristech air compressor and open day at Suzhou facility

In another development, testing of first samples of the Sprintex Aeristech fuel cell air compressor range is currently underway at Aeristech’s UK facilities.

The purpose of the testing is to validate Factory Acceptance Tests from its newly established test facility in the Suzhou R&D and production facility in China.

The 1,500 sq metre Suzhou facility just outside Shanghai was opened in June, and has been earmarked to become its engineering centre and production base in China with a production capacity of 50,000 units per annum of high-speed electric compressors.

Sprintex will host an open day at the Suzhou factory in the first week of March, as it looks to conduct live demonstrations of its products to  industry leaders, collaborators and invited government officials.

At the open day,  the company will also demonstrate the latest iteration of its industrial air compressor and blower systems, developed in collaboration with its partner Nanjing RGE, for use in environmental and industrial applications.

Sprintex has a three-year supply agreement with Nanjing RGE, a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment and systems in China.

“Our new product range offers a step change in efficiency levels for industrial customers, and with the local government driving the need to reduce power consumption in industry, we are very well placed to service many industries with products that simply use less power,” said Upton.


Meanwhile, in Malaysia…

Sprintex’s supercharger division has just received components from third party suppliers for its Jeep JL and JT systems.

It has also completed manufacture of the initial production batch of supercharger components at its Malaysian facility.


And in the states…

The systems will be assembled at the company’s USA facility, in readiness for the USA summer sales season and scheduled presentations at major industry events – including the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah in early April, and the Jeep Beach event in Daytona Florida a week later.

Despite recent raw material price increases due to worldwide supply chain shortages, Sprintex says it has been able to meet cost expectations for this key product line, enabling gross profit margins to be maintained in accordance with forecasts.

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